How To Kick-Start Your Career When You’re Still In Education

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It’s never too late to work on your career, but the sooner the better! You can already start your career when you’re in school, by reaching out to the right people and following courses you’re interested in. Here’s how to kick-start your career when you’re still in education!

Choose extra courses provided by your school

Almost every school or university has special courses for excelling students, a so called ‘honours programme’. It takes some work to get in (good grades, maybe some relevant extra classes and a kick ass application letter) but it opens a lot of doors. 


Not the book smart kinda girl? Make sure you start working as soon as you can. Everybody has got to climb the ladder, and the sooner you start, the quicker you’ll rise! If you want to be in politics, volunteer at a local election. If you want to be the next Oprah, volunteer at your local news station. Don’t be sad if your tasks seem irrelevant, you’ll be able to learn something by watching others. 

Reach out to mentors

Chances are that you already know someone who has your dream job. It can be your neighbor, your aunt of a friends mom. Reach out to them! Don’t be shy, you’re not weird for thinking about your future! Vocalize your dreams, because they’ll be able to help you with some great advice!

Read great books

Read about psychology, to understand yourself and the people surrounding you. Learn about management, so you learn the politics of the office. Read about politics, to understand the world you live in. Indulge on history, because the lessons learned in the past are still adaptable to modern life. Read classics to follow high brow conversations. Read bestsellers to stay on top of trends. Read magazines for inspiration and chill with some gossip magazines! You get the message, right?

Don’t do it for your resume, do it for the fun of it.

This might sound strange. You want to build a rock solid resume, to land your dream job right? Well, that’s not how it works. You should feed your interests and indulge on things you find fascinating. Have a good time while you do it. You’ll only be able to excel in the things you love to do, therefore you should seek a job that matches your interests. And besides that; if you’re having a good time, you’re better company for your future boss or teammates! Bonus points!

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