5 Ways To Succeed In A Male-Dominated Industry



It’s easy to think in terms of gender, but to do a great job it’s all about adapting and working smarter. It’d be nice to say that working with lots of guys is no different to working with girls, but it usually is.

We know some of you want to know how to survive in a male-dominated environment – it’s all about your mindset!


1.Know your worth

Embrace that you’re a woman and that you’re wired differently. Don’t allow yourself to feel inferior.

Play up to your strengths, when your boss is asking your opinion about how the intern is doing or asking you for ideas on decorating the office Christmas tree, use what you know.

2.Don’t allow yourself to be intimidated 

You might feel a little awkward during the first few days but what you can do is be friendly and be competent at your job. If you can complete a task in less time and with minimal resources, do it. If you have some added knowledge to will contribute to the project, share it. Don’t hold back.

3. Cultivate your confidence

Approach things with confidence and you’ll notice that you will gain respect from your male co-workers. You are part of the team and hired for a reason, so don’t shy away from giving ideas or hanging out with your colleagues for after-work drinks.

4. Say no when you need to 

Don’t be a “yes” woman just because you want to be seen as a good employee. While it is important to be proactive and hardworking, knowing when to say “no” is essential. It’s important to take charge of projects and sometimes you might have to work overtime to complete a deadline, but knowing your limits and being confident to say no will put you in good stead for the future.

You can be pretty sure that they guys in your office say no – and you should too!

5. Don’t take things personally

There are gonna be times when silly jokes may erupt in the office or a male colleague might cut you off while you’re speaking. Watch this behavior, if he does it to everyone, you need to figure out how to deal with him, if it just happens to you – it’s another issue entirely, and one you should feel comfortable bringing up with your superiors, or speaking to him directly about!

Another point to consider is that some men tend to be direct and straightforward. Learn to tell the difference between constructive criticism and a snide remark.

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