5 Ways Successful People Stay Positive


The most common life aspiration is achieving success and happiness. We daydream about the perfect life we want to lead. But how do we achieve the life of success and happiness that we picture in our minds? Spoiler alert: we work for it.

Define Happiness And Success

Our individual understanding of success and happiness will always differ, so it’s important to work out what the words mean for you personally. Does your success depend on a dream job you’re passionate about? A six-figure salary? Heading your own business?

Does your happiness depend on a busy social life? Enough alone time on the weekends for your hobbies? Spending a lot of time with family? Take a moment to reflect on what your dream life looks like.

Do these go hand in hand? Most successful people won’t pursue something if it doesn’t make them happy. If their success depends on being isolated, while their happiness depends on them being outdoors, they’ll make changes to accommodate for those things.

Steps And Goals

Once you’ve realized what your personal standards of success and happiness are, you can break these down. Create actionable plans tailored to you and your lifestyle.

If your success means a six-figure salary, your steps could be: choosing the best jobs that will lead you to that, building up your skills for those roles, applying for them, seeking promotions.

Think Happy

There are times where success and happiness don’t go hand in hand. The days when you’re working so hard you don’t have time for yourself, but remember that your happiness is only what you make of it. So a positive mindset really will change your life. And whatever you’re working towards will make you happy in the long run.

Be Grateful

Arianna Huffington relies on mindfulness, there really is no better way to stay positive and cherish what you have than starting a gratitude journal or just thinking about one thing you’re grateful for every day. You might have had to get up at 5am, but you got to catch the sunrise before the clouds rolled in, and that’s something to cherish!#

Make Time

When you’re busy being successful, whole years can just blur into one. Friends drop out of your life, family fades into the background. But you will be happy if you make time. It doesn’t matter if you call in your lunch break, or send Snapchats on your way home. Making people feel included in your life is how you nourish your friendships and relationships.

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  1. I feel like thinking happy is the most important, but also the hardest thing on the list – something I’m currently working on

    – Natalie

  2. Very motivating and inspiring article! Positive thinking is the key to a happy and healthy life! <3


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