5 Ways Successful Women Schedule Their Day

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When we think of success, it’s easy for the big achievements to come to mind. The noticeable milestones and momentous check-offs on our list are usually how we measure success. Whilst this may be a way of showing how far we have come, the key to success actually lies in the day to day life. It’s the smaller accomplishments that actually lead to the milestones.

Considering that, the importance of each day becomes essential and something that we absolutely have to get right. Whilst it can be hard to make each day productive, there are ways that we can organize to make sure we make the most of every single one. So, how do successful women schedule their time?

1. They stick to a morning routine

It’s no secret that how you spend your morning sets you up for the rest of the day. For a day packed full of productivity, a successful woman will always stick to a morning routine that suits her. Whether that’s a workout, essential reading or catching up on emails. Sticking to a morning ritual will make your day far more likely to be successful, and help you to feel motivated, as you’ve already accomplished something in the morning.

2. They organize their to-do lists

Whilst we like to think of ourselves as superwomen, sometimes getting everything we want to get done just isn’t possible. However, this doesn’t mean that we can’t still be successful. The women who achieve the most are those that prioritize the most important things first. That way, we get the biggest and most important tasks done first, so we can always feel good about that.


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3. They have time for themselves

The resilience of a successful woman is rooted in her ability to give herself time off when she needs it. Whether it’s a nice lunch with her girls, a long bath with candles or just an evening away from the dreaded inbox. A successful woman will always make time for herself at some point during her day. It’s the real secret behind their ability to always look effortless and never burnt out.

4. They recognize setbacks

A successful woman will inevitably have impressive willpower, they are also able to recognize when they have hit a brick wall. Some people will beat themselves up for not progressing, however, a successful woman will look to change her mindset. Whether it’s getting out of the office for fresh air or asking colleagues for their input, a successful woman will refuse to give in to the inevitable daily challenges. Rather, she will accept her situation and tackle it head on.


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5. They reflect each day

The top Career Girl will always look to appreciate every little achievement. Setting time out their day to do this means that they reward themselves for how far they have come, whilst setting key goals for their future success. By looking at their achievements they can be more empowered and motivated for tomorrow’s tasks.

So why not incorporate some of these tips into your life? By scheduling your day, you may reduce some of your stress levels and enjoy yourself a little more. Imagine what would happen if you scheduled your week!

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  • hanan abdi

    Sounds like a good plan.. will need to incorporate into my life :) xx
    A Girls Journal

    • Lisa Collins

      Hi again Hanan! Love your comments, what is your current schedule like? xx

      • hanan abdi

        Thank you! Clearly been binging on your all your recent posts. Busy schedule but your posts have helped me strategise :) xx

  • Izzy Bruning

    Such great tips!
    Izzy | http://www.pinchofdelight.com

    • Lisa Collins

      Do you have any tips of your own Izzy?

  • Littleblackdomicile

    Routines that work, and an environment that is conducive to getting things accomplished are essential to success.-Laurel Bledsoe

    • Lisa Collins

      Very true! How do you schedule your day?

      • Littleblackdomicile

        After 35 years in business we still use the Eisenhower to do chart. Look it up..it is a gem!

  • Esther

    Thank you for these great tips. I will need to improve a little. :-)
    Love, Esther

    • Lisa Collins

      Make sure to check in with us about how these tips helped you Esther! Or if you have any tips from experience that you use in your daily life


    I love having the exact same morning routine…. same breakfast (oatmeal with toppings!) same wake up time and makeup. I hate spending a long time deciding what to wear…. decision fatigue is reallllllllll