5 Ways To Actually Eat Healthily This Year

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Everyone is banging on about their healthy New Year’s Resolutions this month, and while it can be annoying and the temptation lies with that burger and chips calling you on your way home, it’s actually better to try your best to get a healthy start to the year, and get some healthy habits for 2016! Here are 6 ways to stick to the healthy stuff, so step away from the chocolate bar girls!

#1 Swap smart

Smart swaps will help you stay healthy throughout 2016. Swap the chocolate bar for a breakfast bar, ask for your hot drinks with soya milk, grab fruit instead of croissants and pastries and nuts and berries over crisps and snacks. It’s simple! Also beware of hidden calories in ‘healthy’ drinks, stick with water or iced tea if you need a sugary boost!

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#2 Know that healthy doesn’t have to be difficult

Most of the time we go for what’s convenient to satisfy our hunger, but healthy food doesn’t have to be difficult anymore. Lots of brands (like Graze in the UK) have developed perfect little snack pots that taste like junk food but are actually really good for you.

#3 Get app smart

Apps will help you on your journey, there are a host of benefits to recording what you eat every day, and apps like Deliveroo mean that even your takeaway can be healthy! Win!

#4 Buy a book (or three!)

Have a look at the top charting health and fitness books at the moment, we know Lean In 15: 15 minute meals and workouts to keep you lean and healthy by Joe Wicks is doing really well so stock up on books that appeal to you and are full of really easy, quick and delicious healthy meals. Having the book in physical format to leaf through and stick post-it-notes in will really help you to cook your own meals.

#5 Prepare!

Whether you create a WhatsApp group for your accountability partners or you cook all your meals on the weekend and freeze them, preparing for everything is the key. If you know you’ll have a night out in the future, be strict with yourself, you’ll enjoy that 1 am burger so much more if it’s a rare treat. Look for the healthy yet delicious options on the menu and don’t be afraid to go meat free when possible!

  • Truc Pham

    My favorite app to track my food is myfitnesspal! I love it so much! Since I love cooking meal prepping is really fun to me! Thanks for sharing these tips they’re really helpful!

  • http://fashionbackyard.blogspot.fr/ Camille Beygui

    These tips are so helpful ! Thanks for sharing



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