5 Ways To Improve Your Resume When You Can’t Seem to Get a Job


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No one likes rejection, especially if you’ve been applying for jobs and receiving no replies or getting that dreaded email saying that you didn’t get the job. It all happens to the best of us, so don’t feel too bad! One of the ways that you could solve this problem is by taking a serious look at your resume.

Your resume is the first impression of yourself that you give to the hiring manager. Therefore, it’s important to have the right details whilst still showcasing your personality. So, here are five ways you can improve your current resume:

1. Exclude unnecessary details 

Include work history that’s relevant to the job that you’re applying for. I have different resumes that are tailored to different job titles. For example, if you’re applying for a marketing role, highlight the copies you have written or other projects you have done that would contribute the necessary skills for the role. Hiring managers have piles of resumes to look through, so make sure yours is concise and straight to the point.

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2. Highlight important skills

If you have Photoshop skills, highlight them. Hiring managers want to see the person who is applying has the relevant skills needed for the job, and sometimes this includes experience handling software. You’re less likely to be considered for a role if you don’t have the skills that the hiring manager is looking for. So it’s best to make those skills stand out.

3. Include a short summary

Add personality to your resume by including a short summary of who you are. The rule of thumb would be to write it in one sentence that describes who you are and your long-term career goal. It adds flavor to the resume, especially if your resume is packed with details.

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4. Play with design

Of course, this is dependent on the role that you are applying for. Be creative with designing your resume but make sure that the design does not clutter the important information that you want the hiring manager to see. If you’re applying for a role that’s more serious and corporate, consider a minimalist theme to your resume. However, don’t design a resume that is so completely out there creativity wise. Some people like to place a picture of themselves within the document, but unless you’re appearing on camera, you just come off a little vain.

5. Proofread 

Before you hit “send”, ensure that your grammar is correct and that your resume is free of errors. This can be the deal breaker of your resume because hiring managers want to hire people with great attention to detail. If possible, get someone to proofread your resume and give feedback on how you can further improve it. Grammarly can be a great aid in checking your spelling and grammar errors.

Just remember to stay motivated and keep sending out those resumes. Quick and small edits can make a hell of a difference, we have faith in you!

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  • Jessica Wen

    Super helpful tips since I’m applying for a summer job soon, and the resume templates are so inspiring!

  • Felicia Setiawan

    I should have looked into your post first before I made my resume and applying for jobs. Definitely will re-write my CV and hopefully a better chance to get a job.