5 ways to refresh your hairstyle

Unfortunately we don’t all have hair stylists on hand to help us keep our locks looking fabulous. In between appointments at the hairdressers roots grow out, colours fade and ends get split, it’s just a fact of life. Fortunately there are a few tips and tricks floating around on the internet to refresh your hairstyle without breaking your budget, here are a few of the best.


 emma watson faux bob
1) The faux bob as seen on Emma Watson.
This hair trend was big last year, and is easy to achieve at home. It’s a great style fix and can create a shock factor when people initially think you’ve been brave and taken the chop. This is great for medium/long hair and easy to achieve at home. There are hundreds of step-by-steps online, the best one I’ve come across is by Elle. It only takes a couple of clear elastic hair bands, some grips, product and a couple of mirrors to master this technique.

elle Amber heard
2) Easy beach waves as seen on Amber Heard. There’s a well known hack behind getting easy laid back beach waves that’s quick and ingenious, part your hair into inch-wide sections, plait them, and then use a flat iron on those plaits to be left with cool girl curls.

Elle Julianne Hough
3) The half bun as seen on Julianne Hough. Sometimes referred to as a ‘man bun’ this look can seem intimidating, and has the potential to be somewhat unflattering if done incorrectly. Everyone from Kate Middleton to Sienna Miller has been sporting this easygoing look at the moment, and it seems easy enough. Spritz your hair with a shine-free salt spray for texture and backcomb the top section of your hair for volume before gathering into a bun.

Ariane Grande
4)The high pony tail as seen on Ariana Grande. There’s a few good tutorials available on how to achieve a fashionable high ponytail, the easiest technique is to create two ponytails, one at the very top of the back of your head, and another just underneath. The first ponytail hides the second one and creates a voluminous Grande-esque hairstyle.

rihanna bantu knots
5) Bantu Knots as seen on Rihanna. Okay, so this seems like a crazy style that only Miley Cyrus and Rihanna can pull of because they’re mega famous, but bantu knots are great for tight curls or large Sarah Jessica Parker-esque waves depending on your hair type. Divide your hair into these cute mini buns, apply a curl boosting product and go to bed, in the morning gently unravel the buns and tease your fingers through the sections for mega curls.

PHOTOS: Elle, Fashion Fame, Yahoo


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