5 Ways To Tell If You’re In The Wrong Job


In the grand scheme of things, complaining about the kind of jobs we have stands without legs the very moment someone blurts out ‘hashtag first world problems’. Immediately you’re reminded of what real problems are. Reality check. Tick. You’re humbled and the miserable Monday through Friday blues are silenced until the next day.

Knowing what to do in the work life arena for a lot of girls like us can be a tug of war between the heart and the head. Unfortunately, the world and its’ cautious, safe playing followers would agree, ‘study hard, get a secure job and climb the corporate ladder.’ Though that may work for some, career girls should ask themselves ‘what’s the point, if the climb to the top isn’t what you imagined it to be?’

Instead could we position ourselves in such a way that first world girls tackle third world problems with businesses that matter? There’s only one way to kickstart that journey and first it requires recognition with this simple checklist.

1. You get the Monday blues that don’t go away until Friday

Do you gather round the amenities area complaining about how the weekends are never long enough while hanging out for a good coffee? Time is so precious, but we wish it away in jobs we hate and sometimes it’s as though the hand of the clock is ticking backwards.

2. You don’t feel like you’re making an impact

This one’s tricky to identify, as most get stuck deep down the rabbit hole that surfacing for a fresh perspective or entertaining the thought of opportunity is too far and few in between. But if you notice emptiness in your work you’re on the right path to doing something about it.

3. You feel like a robot and you don’t connect

When was the last time you stood somewhere, unable to move because you were in absolute awe at a breath-taking view? Or a time when you felt deeply connected to a cause so great, your heart could’ve burst? Why can’t we have these moments all the time?

4. You say things like ‘that’s not my job’

Caring less and abdicating a desire to take responsibility means putting a sheet over those two qualities that matter most and allowing dust to settle. What kind of world would you prefer to be a part of? One without love, caring and humanity? If we continue to say ‘it’s not our jobs’ then
who will take responsibility for the other half of the world who are living in poverty?

5. When you have to pull a sickie and you’re not sick

We’ve all been there. When you find the job you love it won’t feel like work and you might even say you’d do it for free. Most importantly what you give to it will give back to you 1000 times over if it’s work worth your while.

If you really hate your job, but you can’t leave, why not consider these Netflix shows that might inspire your job search or try your hand at becoming an entrepreneur without quitting your day job.

Written by Georgia Kershaw.

  • Jessica

    I actually disagree with this article a lot. I LOVE my job, but there are times where it feels like work. Anything challenging will at times feel like work and getting through hard stuff at work makes you feel accomplished and like you are growing.

    But, you shouldn’t feel that way all the time! It should bring you some measure of joy.

  • Bianka

    I’ve definitely felt like that before. I can’t wait to get a job that actually clicks.

  • camille

    Great post

  • Elizabeth Rebecca

    Great post – all of these are reasons why I left my first job.

    Lizzie Dripping

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