5 Ways To Train Your Brain For Success


We often talk about working out and keeping your body healthy, but we forget that it’s just as important to work out our minds, too. When you’re busy working hard and smashing your goals, you need to make sure your mental muscles are flexed and you’re feeling up to the challenge.

If you’re mentally ready for anything, you can deal with stress and will be better prepared for life as you get older. So, are you ready to start working out your brain?



Learn something new every day

Recent studies have shown that learning new things can help improve your memory and mental performance. It keeps your mind active and stops it from getting lazy.

Learning something new is important, you need to keep your brain working and fresh by challenging yourself. This is the easiest workout you’ll ever do because you only have to sign up to Skillshare and you’re already halfway there.

Skillshare has thousands of classes you can learn, you could even challenge yourself to try something new every single day.

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Don’t get comfortable

Taking the same route every day or always choosing the same things makes your mind lazier. Do you ever find yourself turning autopilot on when you’re walking to work or walking home?

Keep your mind energized and active by stepping out of your comfort zone.

Experience new things, take a different route home and keep surprising yourself.



Meditate more

Meditation actually works at helping your mind focus. If you’re distracted way too easily, clear your mind at least once a week and you’ll find that you’re more likely to focus on the things that matter.

Not only that, you’ll be less distracted in your day to day and find it easier to get things done.

This is because you’re giving your brain some breathing room, letting it have time to cool down and trying not to think about everything at once. Mindfulness and meditation will help you process your day better, and keep your brain firing at its best.



Exercise both sides of your brain


The right side of your brain remembers the bigger picture of an event, while the left side goes into the details. If they work together in perfect harmony, you’ll be better at strategizing and recalling events.

To work it out you’ll need to challenge yourself to try something you aren’t comfortable with. If you consider yourself more of an analytical thinker, learn something creative. Vice versa. Keep your mind working by challenging yourself to remember not only the bigger picture but also some small details.

When you go for lunch, ask yourself where you went but also try to picture one small thing like the badge another customer was wearing. The more vividly you can recall things, the better your brain is working.

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Improve your lifestyle


There’s plenty of research that shows that your lifestyle impacts your brain. Your diet should include plenty of B vitamins and Omega oils for maximum brain power. You should regularly work out and stay hydrated throughout the day. The better you live your life, the healthier your brain will be. Especially as you get older.

Try to do thirty minutes of exercise every day, make sure you’re hydrated enough and plan your meals in advance.

If you focus your attention on all five areas, you’ll find yourself able to deal with stress, think creatively and you might even earn that promotion!


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  1. Love these tips! Think #2 is so true – changing things up puts your brain on high alert to adjust!

  2. Reading posts like this ironically always used to make me feel tired, drained and flushed. But since I’ve started meditating and doing yoga about 5 times a week my mental state just seems to have changed. I feel so much more energised, open and full of ideas. I could recommend it to anyone!

    Blogging for the lazy yet conscious at #Idle

  3. I love meditating every morning. Usually it’s just for five minutes but I always feel amazing after taking those few minutes to focus on my breath and nothing else =o)


  4. Loved #4. Great advice that we often forget.
    Thanks for the reminder. https://niccimarquart.com/

  5. Suelo meditar por 20 minutos antes ir a la cama y es genial !! Gracias

  6. I have never tried meditation before but it sounds like a great way to set yourself up


    Ellie xx

  7. They are really good tricks, but I also feel the need to have motivating people around. I live my life mostly alone so when I have company That help me!

  8. Thanks for the tips! This is helpful…especially the tip about not getting comfortable in a routine. I love that!

  9. In addition to what’s listed above, I also recommend thinking about what you’re grateful for each day when you get into bed at night. This practice has had a wonderful effect on how I feel in the morning. As a result, I wake up feeling positive, clear-headed, and ready to start work with clearer focus. http://www.perennialproject.com

  10. #4 is good information, but it incorrectly attributes right and left brain to those processes. The frontal and prefrontal cortexes are responsible for imagery, emotion, and logic.

  11. Thanks for these great reminders of what we should be doing to keep our brains functioning well! Doing stuff out of my comfort zone usually keeps me on my toes and is often when the best things happen.

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