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It’s the 21st century, and it’s not all about networking and resumes anymore. The future is here, and social media can absolutely set you up for success. From getting noticed by companies and brands to connecting with followers and growing your business.

You can do a lot to further your journey to success from behind a computer, which means, you can work towards just about anything from the comfort of your own home! Here are a couple of tips and tricks to use social media to become successful…

#1 Facebook

Make your Facebook profile page private. Employers have admitted to rejecting potential employees based on their Facebook accounts. That’s pretty damning. So make sure the photos that can be seen are appropriate or change your Facebook name. Alternatively, if you want to be found on Facebook, perhaps because you have a public Facebook group, show your employers who you are.

Make sure your page is appropriate and shows employers who you are and why they should care. If you want them to look at it, include links in your resume, LinkedIn, and everywhere you think they’ll look. Pages have targeted ads so you can grow your business using Facebook as well.

#2 Twitter

Twitter is pretty amazing when you’re job hunting. You can have a conversation with everyone from the girl who has your dream job to your favorite celebrity. So use it. Follow people in your dream job positions and find out what they care about and what they tweet about day-to-day. Interact with them, keep up with the news, and don’t be afraid to join conversations.

If you’re building a business, Twitter can be a great way to grow it. Use Hootsuite or similar social scheduling tools if you want to schedule social media posts. Use business appropriate hashtags, images, and even gifs, to attract people to your page. You can even host chats with other bloggers and business owners, where you answer your follower’s questions, this will help grow your audience!


#3 Pinterest

We all love Pinterest, but do we actually use it to become successful? If you’ve got a blog or a business to promote, Pinterest is your secret weapon. You can follow hugely successful people like Lauren Santo Domigo or Eva Chen, so you can have a look at how they use Pinterest to build their following and connect with other people.

Primarily, though, Pinterest is great for business and blog use. Lifestyle images are really popular on Pinterest, and uploading your own content will do well if you choose the right image. You can also share freebies, printables, templates, and downloads that will help your Pinterest account grow massively!

#4 LinkedIn

LinkedIn is your online resume, but better. Because you can actually connect with other industry insiders and have your co-workers recommend you. You should include a link to your LinkedIn page with your resume, because if employers can see your connections, the people who’ve recommended you or endorse your skills it’ll seriously boost your credibility.

Another great thing about LinkedIn is that you can follow brands and businesses and do some stalking of people in the companies you want to work in. You can even connect with them, but it’s recommended that you only connect with people you know (nobody ever does that, though!). Check out the causes they care about, the skills they think are essential to their job and tailor your resume to reflect that. It’s a secret weapon for getting hired!

#5 Instagram

Instagram is a great place to share photos of your life, clothes, and breakfast (of course!) which makes it the perfect platform to promote your blog or business. Make sure your photographs are high quality, use apps to alter the lighting, contrast, and tones, and have a look at other accounts to see what kind of aesthetic works.

You can also use Instagram Stories now to film short clips and behind the scenes videos of what you do, from events to blogging. Hootsuite and other social media schedulers will help you post content from your blog, business, or website when you’re busy doing other things, too.

If you’re going after a social media job, it might be a good idea to keep this account as a portfolio of what you can do, as always, you can follow industry leaders and people who work at the company you’re applying for, too. If they can, they absolutely will look at your Instagram account, so keep the drunk posts to a minimum!

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  • Natalie Harney

    I really need to up my social media game after reading this

    – Natalie

  • Amy M

    I love how social media has made it so much easier to get yourself out there! ♥

    Amy // Snippets of Amy

  • Hippie Fish Beach Art

    Great tips! Thanks

  • Sheriden

    Really awesome tips! I still need to give into LinkedIn and get my profile up and running.


  • Xincerely

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  • DressMe Daily

    great tips but I don’t agree hiding yr FB on private. you should find a job that is close to yr personality

  • Salma Shah

    Great article. Social media is a very powerful tool for building your personal profile and brand. It is important to have a consistent thread brand/profile across all channels albeit the Linked In version will be from a different lens from instagram or Facebook. Consistency builds trust faster while

  • Savannah Giersthove

    Great tips thank you for sharing! x http://www.justsavxnnah.com

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    Amazing tips!


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