5 Websites Every Blogger Needs To Read To Become Successful

Being a blogger is hard, there’s no guaranteed income and doing it alone is quite a terrifying prospect. Luckily, there are a few websites out there that will help you get ahead of the game. Here are our favorites!


The Nectar Collective


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Melyssa Griffin, the owner of The Nectar Collective, has created an awesome pool of resources for bloggers and business owners. For people who want to earn money through blogging, she is up front about her expenses and her income and gives a breakdown of everything she earned and how. She’s also created an amazing free stash of ebooks and resources for bloggers and creatives that you can access just by entering your email! Win!




Olyvia - Helping Entrepreneurs + Bloggers Be Delightful Online!.clipular

Erika Madden, the creator of Olyvia.co, helps business owners and bloggers be delightful online! She has a tonne of free resources on branding, PR, dealing with negativity and basically creating a great website, and she regularly writes about being scared of being an imposter in business, creating great blog titles and making everything work smoothly online.


Jen Carrington


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Jen has dedicated her life to helping others run great blogs and creative businesses. Her website is packed full of resources and free email courses. She’s a content coach, too, so she can help you get your dream business with just a few clicks and skype calls! Welcome to the 21st century!


Fresh By Sian


Home — fresh by sian.clipular

Sian doesn’t believe in doing things the same way everybody else does. She likes to cut the crap and talk about building authentic businesses and having a brand that stands out from the crowd. She created the stash, a library of workbooks, resources and freebies for creatives out there that are easy to access in just a few clicks.


The Wonder Forest


The Wonder Forest is a whimsical website that will help you get your creative juices flowing. Dana Fox, the creator, is an artist and online business owner who believes that a great blog should be aesthetically pleasing, too! If you want a step by step on all things blogging, check it out! Plus, she publishes books and creates blog themes too! Awesome.

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  1. Such a helpful post! Cheers for sharing these websites, I’ll definitely be checking them out.


  2. Thank you so much for featuring my blog among these incredible websites. It is an honor to be included among such smart, savvy people doing important work online. :)

  3. Sian you’re soooo welcome! Thanks so much for filling my inbox with joy for the past few years and telling it like it is for us all x

  4. Hi Lilia, so sorry about this. All the photography used is credited on CGD, we like to support our sisters! But in this case it was a simple oversight and it went online without proper credit! Soo sorry, we’re working on it now! Thanks for bringing it to our attention x

  5. Thank you for creating this post! I love resource lists, and this one is stellar. I had never heard of a few of these, but I am now subscribed to them! LOVE your site.

  6. Love this post! Always great to find out about other bloggers who have wisdom to share. Looking forward to checking these out!


  7. This is awesome! I’m always looking for new resources and tips from other bloggers…I was thinking of compiling a list myself, and this post is definitely going on it :) thanks for this.


  8. Thank you for sharing! I ran into The Nectar Collective and The Wonder Forest on Pinterest but a new blogger can never have enough free resources! This is very much appreciated.

  9. Great recommendations. I write daily blog, career and wellness tips features on mediamarmalade.com and have done for the last few years. I love to read and write about it :)


  10. The Nectar Collective & The Wonder Forest are my go-to blogs to read for essential blogging tips! Thanks for sharing this list!

    Diana | thechicdiary.com/blog

  11. Yes.I browsed that cursorily .Interesting.Will have to meticulously examine the content which looks awesome.

  12. Thank you so much for this article. I am new to this blogging thing so any advice is greatly appreciated. Olyvia’s Facebook group post is pure gold!

  13. Hi everyone! I am very new to the blogging world but really looking into making my own. Does anyone have any suggestions or how to start up? Thank you! :)

  14. awesome list, thanks so much! I love Melyssa @ The Nectar Collective, and recently started following Olyvia, but haven’t heard of the rest. Checking them out now!

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