6 Amazing Apps That Will Help You Work More Efficient And Save Time

Balancing our busy work and social life is never easy, so like everyone we are more than happy to have a little helping hand from time to time, in whatever shape or size that may be.

6 Amazing Apps That Will Help You Work More Efficient And Save Time
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Whoever said that good things come in small packages may well have a point, because we at CGD have managed to find 6 amazing ways to increase productivity, become more efficient, save vital time and best of all .. they all fit into your phone! Check out our guide below to 6 apps that will help change your working and social schedule for the better.

 #1 – DropBox

Rapidly growing in popularity and available on more sites seemingly by the day, DropBox a surprisingly simple must have app. Everyone had one of those days where there just doesn’t seem to be enough hours to do what you want? There are few things you need to finish off for work however, you get home to your Mac and find out your slow office computer running on Windows never actually sent the email complete with attachments. By using DropBox, you can seamlessly share and access files on the go across all the various platforms.

#2 – Flipboard

The twitter of the news world? For people who need to be “in the know” and love staying up-to-date with all the breaking news, Circa allows you to do exactly that without having to go from site to site to site to site.. You see where this is going. Available on both Android and iPhone iOs, Circa is the only app that allows you to “follow” certain stories or journalists you like the most, ensuring you never have to miss a thing, with new stories coming through as they develop. You can now officially ditch your old routine, wipe your bookmarks clear and start using this app as your one-stop news shop.

#3 – Brewster

Its hard being popular, but really, sometimes its just hard to find that phone number you know you forwarded with the many different ways there are to interact now. Sound familar? Well, in that case, Brewster is going to be your new top tool. Brewster works by compiling all of your contacts from Email addresses, mobile phone contacts, Facebook friends and even goes as far as Instagram, Skype, LinkedIn, Google and more. After you have compiled your contacts through this app, you can sync this information over several different devices. Contacts continue to update in real time and so giving you the most up to date information, making that “which Jessica is this” situation a thing of the past.

#4 – MyLifeOrganized (MLO)

How many times in a day do you find yourself asking the same question; “Where do i even start?!” If your anything like me, the answer is probably a number your not even sure how to say, which is where MLO comes into its own. This task management system allows you to juggle your work tasks with your everyday to-do list. It works by prioritizing your actions, and so allowing you to achieve the goals in the most methodical way possible.

#5 – Rescue Time

Simple but oh so effective. Rescue Time is another productivity tool, but one that likes to do things a little differently. Instead of drowning you under the million and one things you have to do, this app focuses on cutting out the negatives. This app shows you where you have been wasting your time through your browser, and even sends you weekly updates to ensure you are curving your late night facebook addiction.

#6 – Evernote

Evernote is an amazing all round tool that once downloaded, you will be wondering how you ever managed to survive without. This app is a productivity tool that allows you to capture all of your ideas, new images and fresh thoughts on several different platforms such as voice recordings, pictures or written notes. Spent all little too long last night trying to find those killer heels for your upcoming event and forgot about your big meeting in the morning? No problem, with Evernote, you’re covered! You can even use the app to record your meetings, attach files and save it all for a time when you can get both hands firmly around a cup of coffee.

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