6 Amazing Podcasts You Need To Listen To Right Now

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Podcasts are back in vogue, there was a time when they were only for your dad – along with audiobooks. But actually, they’ve stepped into the 21st century thanks to the diverse content they cover.

From hilarious anecdotes to gripping crime investigations, listening to someone in your ear can make any situation more bearable. Commuting, waiting at the dentist’s and queuing included.

So check the podcast app on your phone right now and give these beauties a listen!


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My Dad Wrote A Porno

Sounds terrible right? Imagine if your dad wrote a dirty book! Well, Jamie Morton’s dad did. He was trying to capitalize on the success of 50 Shades of Grey, and his mom isn’t very happy about it. Jamie and his friends James Cooper and Alice Levine sit down to read a chapter a week of the dirty book his dad wrote. I listened to about ten minutes of the first episode and I was already laughing out loud. It’s not gross dirty, kind of sweet and naive but hilarious. The way his dad describes things will seriously have you howling.

TED Radio Hour

If you’re more into learning as you go, it’s probably better to listen to some “Ideas worth spreading”, the TED Radio Hour podcast always have some gems, from reimagining what we already know to motivating you to get your act together.

Women Of The Hour 

If you love Lena Dunham, this podcast is for you. Each week, Lena sits down with a different ‘Woman of the hour’ and discusses friendship, sex, love, work, bodies and basically everything that makes up a woman’s life. Not one to miss in the morning.

The Guilty Feminist

Ever felt like you should be better at feminism? Comedians Sofie Hagen and Deborah Frances-White definitely agree. Each week they discuss topics that 21st-century feminists agree on while confessing their own insecurities, fears, and annoyances. This is a highly rated podcast, and definitely one for every bad feminist!

Good Life Project 

If you need a podcast to make you happier on a grumpy day, tune into this one. With game-changers like Emily McDowell (the genius behind those greetings cards you’ve seen everywhere), Elizabeth Gilbert and Gretchen Rubin, this podcast is filled with unfiltered conversations about happiness, purpose, inspiration and creativity. From introvert entrepreneurs to finding out what story your life is telling. It’s packed with inspo!


If you haven’t started listening to Serial, start now. This is a true crime podcast examining two notable cases. Talking to the people involved and examining the evidence. You’ll be hooked from episode one. Especially if you liked Making A Murderer!


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