The Most Annoying Questions Every 20 Something Has Had To Answer

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Being a twenty-something career girl has its perks, life is just beginning, you’ve probably settled into a relatively stable and enjoyable career, you may have found your life long partner or you’re enjoying a few more years of being wild and single. The only downside of being a twenty-something is the expectations that come with, not from your friends, not from your co-workers and not even from yourself.

I’m talking about those awkward family encounters, the ones where everyone wants to know everything about your life and you just feel like Bridget Jones because you may or may not still be living at home with your mum.

1) “Are you still single?”

The question we all dread, if it’s not bad enough that we are single and hopeless with relationships, we also have to constantly be reminded of it. Then the panic sets in and we start wondering when we are actually going to get into a serious relationship, what if we never do and we end up all alone with 20 cats?!

2) “When are you starting a family?”

A twenty-something can often just about look after herself, getting up in the morning to the horrible sounds of an alarm is difficult enough let alone being woken by a screaming baby. Then comes the discussion of how old is too old to conceive, it’s just all too much.

3) “Have you tried online dating?”

Yes, I have and I have the emotional scars to prove it. What is it with people thinking that all your life problems can be solved on Tinder. If the right person hasn’t walked into your life yet it doesn’t mean they won’t do sooner or later.

4) “How much money do you earn?”

None of your business but if you must know I probably earn no way near as much as I should and really I probably can’t afford to spend my money on shopping sprees and Starbucks, but you only live once.

5) “When are you going to get a real job?”

You mean this isn’t a real job?! The only problem with the older generation is that they sometimes don’t understand that most of the jobs out there nowadays do actually exist and they are real paying jobs, they just haven’t heard of half of them.

6) “How are you feeling about the big 3-0?”

Please just let me enjoy my few more precious moments of being a care free twenty-something before I have to be a proper adult, get a mortgage and maybe even find a life partner!


  • Jessica

    This is me in my life right now. I just turned 24 and I think I am destined to be the crazy lady with several cats!


    Jess xo

  • menellia

    ALL of the above except #5.. but I sometimes as myself that question

  • Madelyn

    I usually love your articles but I disagree with your thoughts on the first one. “if it’s not bad enough that we are single and hopeless with relationships, we also have to constantly be reminded of it.” As a platform that aims to inspire women, this is not how you should inspire them. It’s bad enough that we are single? Really? Why? We’re in our 20’s living until we are 90 (world avg), why should any of us feel bad about enjoying at least one third of our lives on our own instead of desperately looking for someone to be with us or to “complete” us… smh… this is the first article I have felt was truly disappointing. Not because of the content but because of the way it was framed.

    • Ebony

      Madelyn, looking to be with someone doesn’t mean they will “complete you”. There’s friendship, companionship, and so on. The things in your life do not necessarily complete you, but you have them anyway

  • camille

    Can’t wait to get these questions ahah

  • Scout

    I feel very lucky. I haven’t had to answer any of these questions and I’m 26.

  • Ebony

    In Nigeria the top one is “When are we coming for you wedding??”
    The marriage and child-bearing issue always comes up and honestly, even if we try to deny it, it really does occupy our minds
    Ugh. I really do wish I was 19 again and have the opportunity to do things differently

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