6 Apps For ‘Staying Smart’ On A Girls Night Out In Town


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The weekend is upon us, and that means it’s time to celebrate with one civilized glass of wine…or in reality, several large glasses.

Every Career Girl knows how to work hard, but do you know how to play hard? Or play smart? If you’re going out for a night ‘in da club’ or cocktails, don’t get yourself stuck in a bind and

download one of these apps to dance the night away without a care in the world. ..


1)Want to go out at the weekend but don’t know where? Fever shows you what’s hot in the area and even gives you great deals on entry, drinks and food. From boat parties to cooking classes, your weekends will never be the same again! 

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2) Citymapper is like Google Maps but better. It’s available in New York, Berlin, London and Paris and makes moving around on a night out so much easier. It’ll show you hot much it costs to travel via different modes of transport, weather conditions and how many calories you could burn if you walked or cycled! Amazing.

3) If you’re stuck on where to go, Barchick is your savior. If you have a date night coming up, business meeting or drinks with girlfriends, use this app to find an awesome bar in any location. Each bar is tried and tested and each location comes with recommendations. Bonus: Barchick works worldwide!  (And it’s free!) If you’re all about getting the most fun out of life, why not check out these apps?

4) Hate queues? Boppl determines your location and lets you order food and drinks from places close by, so you can go from restaurant to bar and have your order already processed and ready to pick up. Amazing!

5) We have all felt the pain of hearing a song you instantly love but having no clue who it’s by. Next time you’re out, you can add those tunes to your playlist by using Shazam. You simply let your app listen to the song for a few seconds, and it will give you the name and the artist. For more music recommendations, have you listened to our latest Monday playlist? Instant upbeat good-mood feelings.

6) The number one thing on a night out is that you remain safe. The companion app means you never walk home alone again, you can input your destination and mode of transport and then alert your companions if you feel nervous, or if you are in trouble. It’s linked with the local authorities and you can set off a smart trigger that will automatically contact your companion if there’s no response.

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