6 Bad Mood Busting Tips: Start Smiling Again

how to get out of a bad mood


Bad moods are a fact of life, they happen at work, home, the gym and the post office and we don’t always know why. We know that eventually the mood will change but wouldn’t it be nice to snap out of it, just like that? Well, there are methods that work. The next time you get your knickers in a twist over something silly, don’t wait for the bad mood to lift on it’s own, try some of these bad mood busting tips on how to get out of a bad mood.


1. Find The Cause

First port of call should be to suss out what’s got you in this stinking mood. If it’s a real issue that you genuinely should be moody or angry about then deal with it properly. Work out what’s triggered the mood and write it down, brainstorm some solutions and tackle it one step at a time. If your mood is something more trivial…maybe give some of the methods below a try.


2. Exercise

There’s that E word again! We all know by now that getting your heart rate up one way or another releases endorphins. If you find yourself seething over the milk being left out on the side again, go for a quick run around the block before you get angry and say something you might regret! Five minutes out will calm you down, get you into a better mood and probably result in you having a much more productive conversation with the milk curdling culprit.


3. Listen To Music

My new favourite song to listen to when I’m mad is Major Lazer – ‘Lean On’. It’s just the most gorgeous, fun song that reminds me whatever’s got me riled really isn’t worth stressing about in the grand scheme of things. Yours might be Taylor Swift, Carly Rae or Clean Bandit. Whatever gets you grooving.


4. Treat Yourself

Whether a pair of shoes you’ve been drooling over or a cute new nail polish colour that won’t break the bank; a little retail therapy goes a long way. I’m not saying every time you feel a little moody to go out and splurge…but a little treat could be the pick me up you need. I recently bought myself a ‘happy band’ after hearing I didn’t get a job I really wanted. My ‘happy band’ is a bright pink flowery hair band that’s impossible to be sad in. I wear it any time I’m down or grumpy, and it totally works!


5. Make A Face

Go and find your nearest mirror and give it your worst screw-face! Poke your tongue out, growl, bare your teeth and widen your eyes. All of the above will inevitably lead to a grin. Taking a minute to be silly will give you a good giggle and reverse your bad mood instantly.


6. Phone A Friend

Give your best buddy a call and tell them how you’re feeling. If you’re moody about nothing they’ll probably tell you to wake up and think about all the good stuff you’ve got going on! Admitting you’re grumpy is half the battle, and a friendly voice will win it for you.

  1. I think the biggest tip I have for getting over a bad mood is going for a walk with someone you like. There’s no need to walk briskly (it’s great if you do, though) but just the fact that you are on a stroll is good enough.


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