6 Beauty Brands You’ve Never Heard Of But Will Instantly Love

photo via W Magazine


W Trends are constantly changing. The product you were obsessed with two months ago, doesn’t excite you as much as it used to. The urge for something new overtakes us yet again. But with new products emerging all the time, and the miracles they can produce who can blame us for always adding to our skincare routine?

We may not need it, but as work schedules get more hectic, we need the science of skincare to keep up. And that’s exactly what they’re doing. So treat yourself!

The Ordinary

The Ordinary is the chemistry brand. Skin care that looks pharmaceutical is in, in a big way, and this brand is seriously killing it with it’s cold pressed oils and moisturizers. All the products are free from parabens, sulfates, animal oils and aren’t tested on animals at all. They also actually work. Thanks to their scientific formulas, each product will really give you the result you want. I’ve got these droppers on the top of my wish list right now! Find them here.

French Girl Organics

The whole collection is amazing, and there’s no wonder they’re trending. Proving they’re not slowing down in 2017 the vegan products are taking over. Who doesn’t want French girl skin? Each product is inspired by French luxury skincare, looks so pretty and work so well, you might just swap your old products for these essentials. Find them here.

Skin Food

Skin Food is a Korean brand that’s really pushing the boat out when it comes to skin care. They are the first cosmetic brand to root itself in food and use high-quality food ingredients to nourish your skin. This rice wash-off mask is one of the highest rated products they have, it smells great, works well with all skin types and isn’t harsh or drying. Glowing Korean skin is achievable! Find them here.


Surely you’ve heard of the bubble clay mask, and seen it all over Instagram? Bubble masks are giving sheet masks some serious competition (and they look cool, too!). This is another Korean brand that’s taking the beauty world by storm, thanks to their genius formulas. With 5,000 reviews, the bubble clay mask is doing really well, but their other products like nose pore clean up masks are trending and catching up fast too. Find them here.

Aurelia Skincare

This 4-year old brand has already won over fifty awards because it really works miracles. Probiotics revitalize your complexion while protecting your skin and toning it, and Aurelia has harnessed all that natural goodness to create some seriously hard working magic products. Try their range for perfectly blemish-free skin, if you’re trying to cut down on chemicals and embrace natural skin care. Find them here.


Nothing says paradise like the scent of coconut. Kopari knows this, so they’ve formulated all their products with 100% organic coconut oil from the Phillippines. Every product, including their coconut melt, does what it says on the tin, will treat and care for your skin without causing any breakouts or nastiness! Find them here.


How many have you heard of? Any you’d like to try?

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