6 Beauty Mistakes You Make In The Shower

Valeria Sokolova

Showering is probably one of the most relaxing things we do every day. It is such a refreshing way to start your mornings and how good does it feel when you go to bed all fresh and clean.But even with a healthy habit like showering, there are some do’s and absolute don’ts! Here are 6 beauty mistakes that you are probably making in the shower:

#1 – Not taking your make-up off beforehand

Guilty! It always feels so much easier to just take your make-up off when your are in the shower. A lot of shower cleanser are made for when your make-up is already off and not to take it off, so even when you use your cleanser in the shower, you face will not be 100% clean. So if you prefer to take your makeup off in the shower, make sure you buy a cleanser that includes makeup remover.

#2 – Washing your face before your hair

The ingredients in shampoo and conditioner also have an effect on the rest of your skin. Especially when you have acne, sensitive or oily skin, this is definitely not what you should do. Always make sure that after you wash your hair, you wash your face thoroughly, because not washing away any residue can trigger breakouts near your hairline.

#3 – Showering with hot water

Another one that is so nice, but so bad for our skin. Especially in the winter a hot shower is so nice and comfy, but showering with hot water only dries out your skin. The hotter the water and longer you shower, the harder it is on your skin. Always try to stay with lukewarm showers, especially if your skin is naturally dry.

#4 – Not enough or too much exfoliating

Not just your face but your whole body! I have to admit  I often forget to do my body and when I do I tend to over-exfoliate. You need to find a gentle way to get read of dry and dead skin. Think of a gentle bath or good body scrub should do the trick and never forget to moisturize your skin after to make it feel super silky and smooth.

#5 – Showering too long

Everything over 15 minutes is too long. Taking a longer shower will rinse the natural moisturiser off your skin and in the end has the same effect on your skin as taking really hot shower: dryness!

#6 – Too much soap

Another one that I am so guilty of! Unfortunately, it is not true that the more soap you use the cleaner you are. If you find that your soap is running out faster than it should, you are probably using way too much at a time. Using too much is also really bad for your skin as it extracts the natural oils from your skin.

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