The 6 Best Courses For The Creative Career Girl

If you’re looking for apps, personality tests, coding academies and great books, the internet is filled with things that will make you successful, but it’s important to know that creativity and success often go hand in hand. There’s a whole world of creativity out there and so many ways for you to make the best of it.

Whatever it is you are looking to do in life, there’s something for everyone in this list of the best design courses.

5-day drawing challenge
Always wanted to draw but never had the time or patience for it? Challenge yourself to these 5 days and you’ll be where you want to be in no time. Finally not having the time is no longer an excuse not to fulfil your passion.

Infographics fundamentals
Not much of a designer, but keen to impress when it comes to your career? You can bring a whole new angle to your presentations with some impressive infographics to add some fun. You’ll have the perfect way to create visual material that makes your ideas look as amazing as they are.

Designing a business card
One of the best ways to sell yourself, a business card is a handy little tool to have with you. The chance to network can arise when you least expect it to, so there’s no harm in being equipped with a professional business card to showcase yourself when it does.

Getting started with email marketing
You may think that you’re a dab hand when it comes to emailing, but as an aspiring Career Girl, there’s always room for improvement. In the business world your email manner is absolutely essential, and learning how to optimise it might just be what you need to get you far.

Developing a mood board
It may seem like a primary school task, but creating a mood board can be a great way to express your creativity. A great way to get your ideas flowing, a few simple steps can take your creativity to a whole new level.

Build Your First Successful Online Business in 2016 
Always wanted to go it alone but never really known how? Well here’s your chance to learn as much as you can, and take your career in the direction you’ve always dreamed it would take. There’s no excuse when you know how so take the leap and give your own business a go.

With plenty to inspire, there’s so many incredible paths that these courses can lead you down.

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Featured photo: Eirin Kristiansen

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