6 Brilliant Books Every Book Lover Should Read

I love a good reading challenge. I’ve pledged to read 100 books this year but haven’t even made a scratch on that number. Still, I’m trying to read a new book every week. Including some of my old University material.

I know we’re all bookworms at heart, but it’s so easy to stick to books you’re comfortable with. It’s better to push your boundaries and read everything. Ready for our reading challenge for the rest of the year? We’ve got three months left (ish) so try to read as many on this list as you can!



The Girls by Emma Cline

I got a preview of this book before it came out and took it to bed with me every night. Based on the Manson cult and subsequent killings, this is a book you won’t want to put down. The narrative is split into two, in the present day, Evie reminisces about the cult she was drawn into. In the past events, you see how the cult unfolded and the tragic conclusion.

2. 13247551-1

The Receptionist – An Education At The New Yorker by Janet Groth

This is the book you should read if you were as fascinated as I was by the recent Vogue documentary. It’s a divisive book, some loathe it, some love it. So far, I love it. It begins talking about Janet’s time as a receptionist at The New Yorker. She paints moving portraits of the people she knew, critics say that around half-way through the book it falls apart. But I always think it’s important to hear other people’s views and read their experiences.



North & South by Elizabeth Gaskell

You might have read this already, or you might have not. This is a classic, and a bit romantic. It’s a great book for anyone who loves Pride and Prejudice and the days of swooning female romances, but it has a little bit of a kick to it as well. The heroine, Margaret, redefined femininity in the era. She is punchy, stubborn and a real go-getter. Of course, there’s a brooding male who we love to hate, John. Just read it. It’s brilliant.




So You’ve Been Publicly Shamed by Jon Ronson

Remember Justine Sacco? In 2013 she tweeted a joke about getting AIDS when she was going to Africa. Her joke outraged everyone who read it. Got her fired from her PR job and earned the disgust of almost everyone who came across it. Did she deserve it? Does she regret it? Well in this book, Jon Ronson investigates public shaming in the 21st century. Fascinating stuff.

5. jamaicainn

Jamaica Inn by Daphne du Maurier

Another classic, I absolutely adore this book. It’s a gothic tale of adventure that surrounds Mary, who embarks on an adventure to live with her aunt Patience, a happy-go-lucky, fun-loving woman. It was her mother’s dying wish to go and enjoy life with her aunt, except when she arrives at Jamaica Inn, where her aunt lives, she realizes things have changed. Her aunt is submissive to her violent husband Joss. And Mary gets drawn into this sinister, scary lifestyle.



The Bone Season by Samantha Shannon

Another divisive one I’m afraid. Samantha wrote this book when she was young, and some argue her inexperience shines through. It’s a fantasy novel said to rival the Harry Potter series or indeed The Hunger Games. I’m actually buying it now, so I’ll let you know, but apparently the film rights have already been sold and we can expect a film series at some point in the future…


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  • Natalie Harney

    I really really need to read The Girls! Anything by Jon Ronson is normally a good shout

    – Natalie

  • Jen

    I’ve read North and South and yesss this is absolutely necessary! As an introvert, I definitely identified with Margaret.

    Everyone’s talking about The Girls, gotta get that one on my TBR!


  • Elishia

    I’m a big ya sci fi/fantasy fan and I read The Bone Season. I thought it was good but it didn’t grip me and it took me longer to read it than it usually does, but I really was satisfied when I finished it. Sadly, the second book didn’t quite grab my attention and (very unlike me) I didn’t finish it. I’m super looking forward to some of these other reads :)


  • Amanda @ Anchored to Sunshine

    The Receptionist has been on my reading list for far too long! I will have to give it a read :)