6 Conversations You Should Never Have Over Text


Texting has revolutionised the way we communicate in the 21st Century. It’s cheap, quick and accessible and allows us to have multiple conversations with multiple people all around the world. Although texting is convenient, there are some conversations that should never be had over text. Here are 6 examples of those conversations.

Let’s break up

Breaking up over text is an absolute no no. Not only is it very insensitive but it is the least full proof way of making sure the break up remains a break up. Breaking up with someone over text leaves you feeling like you have unfinished business, like there are more conversations to be had. This then forces you to continue texting your ex, making you revisit things that you thought had been closed.

An argument

Texts are so easily misinterpreted. How something sounds in our heads when we text it is often not how the person receiving the text interprets it. With the heightened emotion of arguments, the last thing anyone needs is for anything to be misinterpreted because this won’t help the situation. It’s tempting to air out our frustrations over text, but really we ought to wait until we can have the discussion in person

Difficult conversations

No matter how difficult the conversation may be, it should never be done via text. Whether you’re telling your boss that you’re sick (call in) or informing your sibling that your beloved cat has died, just call…no matter how awkward or sad it might be.

A work discussion

Whether it’s corporate or other matters, having a discussion about work over text is risky. Again, it’s easy to misinterpret things that are said and it’s equally easy to jump to conclusions based on this misinterpretation. Pointing out problems or constructive criticising colleagues is best done in person. Similarly, giving positive feedback should also be saved for face-to-face because it may also be misread, putting everyone involved in an awkward position.

The “what are we?” discussion

It’s natural that after staring a romantic relationship we want to know where we stand. This is usually done in the “what are we” conversation. As much as we’d prefer to have this conversation over text, it is a serious conversation which should ideally be done in person. Imagine sending the text, then not getting a response immediately. Your mind automatically jumps to the worst case scenario which may not necessarily be the case.

Asking for a raise

Talking to your boss about your performance at work or asking for a raise should always be done in person. You can gauge your boss’s reaction quickly by looking at their non verbal communication and you can immediately tell if a raise is something that they are open to.

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Featured Photo: Fanny Lyckman

  • http://fashionbackyard.blogspot.fr/ Camille Beygui

    Such an accurate post. Unfortunately it’s easier to have these type of conversation facing a phone than facing the person.



  • http://jaspooleblog.com Jas

    So right! I always fall into the trap of texting / emailing.

    ★ | Jas Poole Blog | ★

  • http://katelynmcphee.blogspot.ca Katelyn McPhee

    Love this, it’s so easy to have these conversations over text just out of convenience/avoidance but face to face is ALWAYS best, especially so for these tough/serious conversations.


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