6 Easy Summer Dinner Party Ideas To Make You The Envy Of Your Friends



Summer is still swinging on, but we keep seeing fall everywhere. From fall wardrobe inspiration to Halloween outfit ideas. It’s time to make the most of the last bits of summer and have a summer dinner party. 

Similar to what you see on Pinterest and Instagram, the summer dinner party is always a win. Food, music, friends. You don’t even have to have a garden to make it work, some of the best summer dinner parties we’ve been to were on balconies or in the house. So here are some ideas if you want to be the best host ever!

Ice cubes, fabulous ice cubes!

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Why not put some colourful and bold ingredients such as mint, berries or lemons into your ice cubes to add flavour and creativity into your evening. You will be sure to receive some compliments on such a great idea, we will even let you take the credit!!

Make an easy pasta salad!

Mediterranean-Pasta-Salad-2  Mediterranean-Pasta-Salad-1

It’s easy, won’t break your bank and will be a guaranteed favourite. If you have vegetarians eating with you, just put some pasta to the side and add some extra veggies. You can mix it up and add whatever salad you fancy, think bright colours like red/yellow tomatoes, peppers and spring onions…everything goes with pasta so cater to your personal favourites and your guests, easy!

Five-minute pizza.

I love this idea, why not make a summer dinner party one big cooking feast! Get all your friends and family involved by handing out flatbreads and a mixture of ingredients for guests to create themselves. Not only are they going to love the fact they are involved but you are promised a limited amount of washing up as everyone would have eaten every last mouthful, even the fussy eaters!



Punch that packs a punch! 

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Make a jug of a summer drink like Pimms or Sangria and be sure to add lots of fruits. You can have one jug that’s just pure water filled with your favorite fruits so that everybody stays hydrated – especially if they’re drinking. Makes a pretty photo too!


Feed your guests with no effort!

Want to feed your guests but don’t want to cook much? Antipasto is a savior. Buy mozzarella, hummus, dips, nuts, breadsticks, olives and cold meats and set it up with some bread for dipping. It always looks more put together than it actually is…

Don’t forget the decor!


You don’t have to break your budget to decorate your summer dining space. Just try to create a theme and stick with it. You can get some really inexpensive pieces from stores you’d never expect, pick your theme first and trust us, things will start to show up. I usually love solstice parties or ‘vacation’ themed parties. Plus as summer draws to a close all the themed stuff starts to get cheaper. Inflatable flamingo pool decorations in a paddling pool? Why not.


Remember, dinner parties do not have to cost a fortune. Think tasty food that can be made easy so you have plenty of time to mingle and spend time with the people you love.

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