6 Easy Ways To De-Stress You Haven’t Tried Yet

photo: Josefin Dahlberg


Sunday is a great day for getting organized. I like to keep my Sunday’s free, indulge in good food, drink some amazing tea and write down the tasks I need to achieve on Monday.

I usually break them up into blocks, before lunch, and after lunch. Then I run a bath, pop in a bubbly, fizzing bath bomb and relax with a book. I’m also a huge fan of documentaries on Netflix and podcasts like Serial. So, that’s how I use my Sunday. But some days, it’s not so easy to de-stress, especially when you have lots to do. Luckily, there are a few quick but crazy ways to de-stress that don’t need a serious 30-minute routine.

Drink Orange Juice

Why: Vitamin C is known to reduce blood pressure and the stress hormone cortisol. As well as tasting great and giving you a little lift. Drink some in the morning if you’re feeling stressed or make sure to have some at your desk on Monday morning.

Give yourself an ear massage

Why: Acupressure means you reduce stress through massage. Pressure points on the lobes and outer rims of the ear will relax all the muscles of the face and body when massaged properly. Apply light pressure to the earlobes using the thumb and index finger and move up to the outer rim of the ear in slight rubbing movements, work your way back down for 1-2 minutes and feel instantly relaxed. Also focusing on this routine takes your mind off stress.

Change your language

Why: How often do you find yourself saying “I have to do x, y, z tomorrow” or, “I have to do this today before I can relax.” Which makes it all sounds like a chore, something that you don’t want to do. Saying “I get to do x, y, z tomorrow” and “I get to do this today before I relax!” Just a change in the way you talk can change your whole attitude.

Go somewhere new

Why: Change your scenery, go for a walk and find your new favorite place. Because the same environment creates the same behaviors. The most relaxed I’ve been is when I go for a walk and find some café I’d never have known about. Changing habits and environments is the best way to reduce stress and stop patterns from being created.

Slow things down

Why: Do an activity, but do it slowly. Calligraphy or coloring in is a great hobby, but it could be as simple as chewing slowly or breathing deeply. Check out calligraphy tutorials on Instagram, watching someone slowly write beautiful letters is strangely therapeutic.

Do a ten minute clean

Why: Having a cleaning routine can help you to declutter your mind and focus on something else. Whether you’re doing a ten-minute organization of spreadsheets or your desk area, or whether you’re spending ten minutes doing a little spring clean. Try to do it if you feel yourself getting worked up.

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  1. Love these! Perfect sunday inspiration. I’d never even thought of an ear massage before

    – Natalie

  2. Ear massage, haha! Should actually try it though.

    madison xx

    Check out my blog: http://www.bymybedside.com

    I’m not desperate or anything… Am I?! Ok I admit. A little. I’ll give you a free cookie if you do come on over though… (it might be imaginary) ? ⭐️ ? ? ? ? ? ? ? ?? ⭐️ ? ? ? ? ? ? ? ?? ⭐️ ? ? ? ? ? ? ? ?? ⭐️ ? ? ? ? ? ? ? ?? ⭐️ ? ?

  3. These are definitely tricks I haven’t tried before and would love to try out! :D


  4. The cleaning totally works! Mine usually takes much more than five minutes. If nothing else, afterwards you feel like you did something productive!

    Easy Petite Looks Blog

  5. I never really thought about ear massage before. I’ll try it the next time I get stressed over something. Cleaning does the trick for me too. I take a long hot shower to clear my mind most times.
    All in all great tips up there. :)

  6. I do some of my best cleaning when I am either stressed or mad about something. However, I will try the ear message too. Thanks!

  7. Ear massage sounds dreamy, so I just did it and it’s actually strangly relaxing!


  8. Love these tips! It’s great to read some alternative methods for stress relief that I’ve not seen before. I’ll definitely try the ear massage.

    Helen | The Little Giraffe

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