6 Email Etiquette Rules Every Career Girl Should Know

In our digital time, sending out emails has become a daily thing. It is the easy way to get in contact with potential clients, customers or to apply to a job. Like with writing letters, emailing comes with etiquette rules and today CGD gives you 6 of those.


#1 – Make sure you have a clear subject line

Most people decide whether to open an email based on the subject line, so it is important that you make it a line that concerns them or something that might be of interest to them.

#2 – Be cautious with humor

Although you think that you are very funny, there might be some people that don’t, so be cautious with humor in your e-mail. Without facial expression and tone of voice, humor can easily get lost in your email. It might be better not to use humor unless you know the other person well.

#3 – Be aware of cultural differences

Miscommunication due to cultural differences happens quicker than you might think. Make sure you tailor your message based upon the cultural background and on how well you know the recipient.

#4 – Proofread every message

Proofreading your email is very important, whether you send out a job application or replying to a client. Your mistakes won’t go unnoticed and you might be judged for it. Do the proofreading yourself and don’t rely on automatic spelling- and grammar checks, I can tell from experience that they don’t always work very well.

#5 – Calm down with the exclamation marks

I am very guilty of this one! Use only 1 exclamation mark to show your excitement and never overdo it. People tend to get carried away and using too many exclamation marks can come across as very emotional or immature.

#6 – Add the email address last

You don’t want to send the email accidentally before you finished writing or proof read your email, so only add the email address when you are ready with the email.

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  1. I learned the hard way that I MUST proofread and add the email address last. It’s so scary thinking you might send the email to the person whom you are addressing in the email (when you don’t want to) or that you will click send before you finish what you were saying.


  2. Great tips! Especially number 6 is such a lifesaver. I didn’t think of it before but I’ll make that a habit (:

  3. #6 – yes, definitely! Saves you the embarrassment of accidentally sending messages before you’re done typing them and / or typing out negative expressions before deleting and starting over with your real message.

  4. Another tip that I’ve used (a lot more than I care to admit) is to add a 1-2 minute outbox delay; when you hit “send,” your email will actually sit in your outbox before actually sending. That way if you forgot to add something or changed your mind, it’s not too late.

  5. Totally agreed with #6 – Add the email address last.

    I would add 2 more points

    1) Remember to check through the email chain before forwarding. Imagine you are gossiping with your co-workers in emails which you forgot to delete before sending to your boss.

    2) Be extra careful when typing your Recipient’s name. Microsoft Outlook auto-complete function may let you send to the wrong person if you have multiple contacts with the same first name.


  6. I found that it helps to attach any necessary attachments before I do anything.
    Too many time I have typed a perfect email and sent with excitement only to realise moments later that I had forgotten to add the most important part.

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