6 Exercises You Can Do While Sitting At Your Desk

photo: Josefin Dahlberg


Working long hours (which let’s face it, most of us do) leaves little time for exercise. You’re tired, stressed and the thought of even leaving your desk to eat fills you with dread over the amount of work you could be doing in that time.

That being said your fitness shouldn’t suffer due to a hectic schedule, and luckily there are ways to ensure that it doesn’t have to. Take the yoga mat moves, adapt them ever so slightly and you have sure-fire ways to tone up without even leaving your desk. Not convinced? Give these desk-bound moves

1. The Chair

One of the best yoga moves for toning your legs and bum is the chair pose (which is pretty handy seeing as it’s the position you sit in all day every day). Standing up slightly, hover your bum over your chair. Holding the pose is pretty unnoticeable, but inside you will definitely feel the burn.

2. Leg Lift

Remaining in a seated position, but raising slightly above the chair, place one leg straight out in front of you while the other is holding your balance. Repeat the reps and make sure you give both legs a go. It could easily be mistaken for a stretch (or if you are feeling embarrassed, try faking cramp) and it will build strength in your legs.

3. The Chair Twist

Get yourself into the same position as the chair pose above, but this time, twist your entire torso to one side (and then the other if it’s not too obvious!). To the watchful eyes in the office it will simply look like you need to stretch your back, but really it’s forcing you to work more muscles in your legs and bum.

4. Standing Leg Toner

Finally, someone calling you to look over their shoulder at their task is no longer a pain. Stand behind their chair (whilst pretending to be fully engaged in what they are showing you on their screen, obviously!) and lift one foot to a 90-degree angle. Lower the foot to the floor and then move it diagonally to be behind the stationary foot when you lift again. Hardly noticeable at all, but great for toning your glutes.

So now you have no reason to use the ‘too busy at work to do any exercise’ excuse, give these a go and see how 007 you are at disguising them!

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  • Louis Halpern

    what about the stomach suck..
    suck in as far as you can & hold for 3 secs
    repeat 10 times..
    abs will come

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