4 Fashion Insider Tips On Being Successful


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Fashion insiders get to do lots of cool things. From sitting in the ‘frow’ at Fashion Week, to appearing in magazines giving their trend forecasts for the future. They’re the ones with the golden tickets, the stylists and trend hunters that just know what works. Here are 4 fashion insider tips on being successful so you can be just like your favorite fashionista.


Follow The Right People 


If anything, follow the right people for inspiration. We’re talking Natalie Massenet (@nat_mass), Caroline de Maigret (@carolinedemaigret), Angela Fink (@thefashionsight), Yasmin Sewell (@yasminsewell), Lauren Santo Domingo (@thelsd) and Eva Chen (@evachen212), amongst others. It may not lead to direct communication, but it does show you what’s trending and gives your social feed that fashionable boost.


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Know The Trends Confidently Enough To Break Them


Follow the trends well, and by that we mean stalk the magazines, check out fashion bloggers, street style websites and what’s in the news. We talk about our favorite trends regularly on CGD so you never have to miss out, but make sure you’ve got the trends down to a t, then try to come up with something creative that ignores them. You’ll never get photographed in the streets on Fashion Week if you’re wearing the same camel coat and loafers as everybody else.


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Wear Matching Socks 


Every fashion insider knows that there are a few details you cannot skip, perfume, accessories and bags, they all make a great outfit, but socks are important. You never know when you might have to slip out of your shoes at someone’s house or after party, and  you definitely do not want to be caught wearing one leopard print sock and one with cute love hearts on.

Be aware of the little details that make up your appearance, like makeup, nail varnish and hair. People are more likely to trust you as an ‘insider’ if you are presentable. Check out 5 things you can do to relax in the evening.


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Put Yourself Out There 


The biggest piece of advice any fashion insider can give you is to put yourself out there. Start a fashion blog, create a portfolio, like we’ve said before – having your own website is the key to getting spotted. And if you want to be successful in any field, you have to show your face. Start out, use Twitter to network and be confident enough to snap your outfits and share your inspiration.

You also need to make sure your social accounts have great visuals and use appropriate hashtags, luckily, if you follow the right inspirational accounts you know what you should try to do.

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