6 Films You Will Love This Christmas Eve


It’s Christmas Eve! We hope you’re having a lovely time with those nearest and dearest to you, and that some of that childhood excitement about your presents still lingers. Of course, now that we’re older it’s a little harder to get into the Christmas spirit, but these 6 films will absolutely take you there. Chill out, grab the selection boxes and hog the TV…tomorrow is the big day!


6. Love Actually

Love Actually is the perfect fuzzy feels film to get you in the Christmas mood, it features a star studded cast including Hugh Grant, Bill Nighy, Kiera Knightley, Emma Thompson, Martin Freeman and Colin Firth. The film follows a variety of people who are lucky and unlucky in love and shows us that all you really need at Christmas is each other. Our favourite to get the season started!


5. National Lampoon’s Christmas Vacation

If you’re tired of all the feels and want something a little more comedic, this film is gold! Perfect for fans of mad cap 80’s comedies, it follows the hapless Clark Griswold (Chevy Chase) trying to have the ‘perfect’ family Christmas when nothing goes quite right. This film will get a laugh from the whole family!

4. Elf

What can we say about Elf that hasn’t already been said? This film starring Will Ferrell and Zooey Deschanel about a human who grows up as an elf then leaves the North Pole to find his real human father has become something of a classic. Infinitely quotable, sad, sweet, hilarious and ridiculous, this film is everyone’s secret favourite.

3. Home Alone

Home Alone is the film we all grew up with (that and Gremlins…another classic) featuring Kevin McCallister (Macaulay Culkin) the 8 year old boy who gets left home alone when his crazy large family goes to Paris without him. While he’s living it up at home, his house gets broken into by a pair of dimwitted crooks, and young Kevin steps up to defend his home using just his imagination and the things he has to hand…genius!


2. Bridget Jones’s Diary

Ah, Bridget. A classic Christmas film that follows Bridget’s life as one of the only unpaired women at her family parties, she tires of being told she needs to find a man, but when she hooks up with her charming and handsome boss Daniel Cleaver (Hugh Grant) she thinks she’s finally off the market. Watch out for Mark Darcy (Colin Firth) in the ugliest Christmas jumper known to man, and get ready to fall in love with brilliant Bridget!


#1 Mean Girls

Jingle Bell Rock will never be the same again. Mean Girls technically takes place from October to December but c’mon, who needs an excuse to watch Cady (Lindsay Lohan), Gretchen, Regina (Rachel McAdams) and Karen (Amanda Seyfried) living it up as the mean queens of high school? You go, Glen Coco!

  • http://thesundaychapter.com/ Angela

    I watch Love Actually every Christmas eve and never grow tired of it! Can you believe I’ve never seen Bridget Jones?! x

    • http://careergirldaily.com Celina

      I haven’t seen Bridget Jones either! Maybe it’s about time :)

  • Laura Mareno

    Elf and Love Actually are my favorite christmas films ever!! I watch them every year! kisses:D


  • http://fashionbackyard.blogspot.fr/ Camille Beygui

    Love Actually is such a fell good movie ! I keep on smiling during the whole movie



    • Lois

      Yes it is! It is impossible to get tired of this movie haha!

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