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When I was eight, I wrote a piece on what I thought the future would look like. While my classmates talked about their career and how they’d be famous,

I decided to write about flying cars. And also multi-colored flowers (apparently I didn’t know they existed).

I was wrong about both. I could never have predicted the amount of gadgets and technology we have. I could never have dreamed I’d be obsessed with an app that gave me dog ears and a long tongue. If only I’d known.

These days, there’s a gadget for everything. From applying foundation to tracking your steps, the future is here. And if you want to live like a time-traveler you need the tech that’ll make your life easier. Here are some of the coolest that nobody could predict:

#1 The revolutionary toothbrush

Toothbrush 1In a true sign that the future is here, FOREO, our favorite skin care companion, has created a toothbrush. It has low-frequency pulsating action, a battery that lasts for 365 brushes. And a head that only needs replacing every year, so it’s well worth the money.

The silicone bristles are gentle enough not to damage enamel but will remove stains. And if you’re worried about your overall mouth health, it will massage your gums and make your teeth whiter. If aliens landed on earth, this is the toothbrush they would use – and trust me, they’d all have amazing teeth.


#2 A phone case that charges

When your phone dies at a crucial moment there’s not much you can do. Scramble around for a socket and try to untangle wires from your purse or bring a portable charger with you in your bag.

What if your phone case could double up as a charger? My Bumper has designed sleek cases that add 10 hours of battery life to your phone, freeing up some extra space in your handbag!

#3 The hair dryer with the power of a vacuum 


Vacuuming giant Dyson has launched its first hair dryer, and it’s everything you’d expect. It’s another futuristic looking gadget that packs a punch. They’ve taken all the research and product testing they usually put into creating our vacuum cleaners and put it into hair care.

So this hair dryer performs. It’s super fast but has a sensor to stop it from getting too hot, you can drop it, and it won’t break easily. It even has different nozzles for styling. Get this if you want blow-out worthy hair without scheduling an appointment.

#4 The watch that does more than tell the time 

The Apple Watch is more than just tech, it’s fashion too. You can make calls, send texts, look at notifications, play games, count your steps and more with a device on your wrist. It’s highly coveted and a great companion to our iPhones. There’s a reason everybody has one. According to an event we attended a while back, phones are going to die soon to make room for the next big tech invention. Could it be watches and micro devices?

There’s a reason everybody has one. According to an event we attended a while back, phones are going to die soon to make room for the next big tech invention. Could it be watches and micro devices?

#5 The suitcase that pairs with your phone 

Amongst other things, the BlueSmart suitcase can be tracked and locked via an app. It also has a battery built in so you can charge your devices on the go, and extra pockets for dropping in the tech you need to take out at the security gate.

It’s a hero for those journeys where everything else seems to go wrong. At least you’ll always know where your bag is and will always have battery!

#6 The cleansing device that you can pop in your pocket 

A year ago I didn’t even know I needed a cleansing device. But I do. And I need one in every color. Yes, I’m talking about the FOREO Luna Play again. So cute, so functional, it does all the things my FOREO Luna does but is much easier to bring with me on weekends away. I can even fit it in my coat pocket if I so wish.

It’s waterproof, the size of a cotton pad and will revolutionize the way you cleanse. It’s designed for 100 washes and has 8,000 T-Sonic pulses a minute. Meaning it’s gentle enough not to damage your skin but tough enough to cleanse well.

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  • Metrogypsie

    These exist..might make life easier but are NOT needs.

    • Jen

      Agreed, nothing on this list is something I’d be willing to splurge on. Missed the mark on this one Carer Girl, get ’em next time!

  • Mariella

    That suitcase sounds amazing!
    I asked a FOREO for my birthday! See so many bloggers talking about it, hopefully it is as good as they say it is.

  • Camille Beygui

    Great post

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