6 Genius Beauty Secrets That Models Swear By

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We all want the secret to looking beautiful even on the worst days, we often turn to campaigns and stare longingly at the models, wondering how they do it. We used to console ourselves by saying it was just good editing, but these days, with Snapchat and Whatsapp, we know that they are blessed with beautiful looks even first thing in the morning without any makeup!

Here are 7 beauty secrets that will help you live a little less like Bridget Jones and a little more like Karlie Kloss.

#1 Get super soft hair all the time

So here’s something we thought we’d never say, turns out shampoo and conditioner developde for horses is the best thing for getting super soft model worthy hair. If your ponytail (see what I did there) is lacking in shine, check out Mane n’ Tail, ignore the neigh-sayers (I can’t help it) this product is a firm favourite with celebrities!

#2 Soothe those sore feet

The price of wearing beautiful heels all day is those last ten minutes of running for the train, when we wish we could sit down and realise they’re really killing us. There’s no better feeling than soaking your feet when they’re aching, but one of the best things for those aches and pains might well be in a surprising product. Eye gel! Bear with me, the Elderflower Unperfumed Eye Gel from the Body Shop is a best seller as it cools the skin under your eyes, can you imagine what it would do for your feet after a long day in uncomfortable shoes? Imagine how it feels after a long walk down the runway?

#3 Get soft skin with minimal effort

Models have super busy lives, so they probably don’t have time to do the whole skincare shebang. To kill two birds with one stone, they often mix a little moisturiser into their foundation. It leaves your skin with a dewy glow and does the job of moisturising while you go about your busy day. A little dab of Dr. Jackson’s Coconut Melt as a base to your foundation will leave your skin soft and dewy, the best thing about this product is that it’s totally multi-functional and can be used on hair, body and lips, too!

#4 A bath infusion as tasty as you are

We love bath bombs, so this home made bath infusion came as a real surprise to us. Porridge/Oatmeal is actually really good for dry skin, skin complaints and even for normal skin that needs a little boost to make it even softer and better. Stuff a handful or two of porridge in a muslin cloth and tie it up with a hair bobble or elastic band and then let it float in your bath. It sounds super weird, but it actually makes your skin soft, amazing and runway worthy!

#5 Hide your red eyes

An early start, a nasty hangover, or spending too much time staring at the screen can leave you with red, inflamed eyes. Makeup will sort that right out, but it might not remedy the redness on your waterline. Use an eyeliner that matches the colour of your skin on the waterline of your eyes to instantly erase that redness, if you can’t find an eyeliner to match use an eyeshadow.

#6 Stop your concealer from creasing

You should use liquid concealer around your eyes and thicker concealer for the rest of your face. But if you have a problem with concealer or foundation creasing you should use your ring finger to apply it, it’s a weaker finger so it doesn’t pull as much on your product and gives you a nice, light coverage.


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  • http://zoemountford.blogspot.co.uk/ Zoe

    These are some great insights, the bath soak sounds really interesting!

  • http://highheelsbrownhair.blogspot.co.uk/ Natasha

    Loved the shampoo for horses tip, placed an order for it before I finished reading the post!


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