6 Habits From Successful People Under 30


Who doesn’t want to be successful before 30!? We are one of the most career driven generations, are very entrepreneurial and more focused than ever. With a lot of very successful people under 30 in our generation, we want to know what the essential habits were that determined their success and what they do to continue pushing forward:

#1 Enjoy the ride

Becoming and being successful is a journey, not a destination. We often are so focused on the end goals, that we forget to enjoy the small victories along the way. Your first deal, first business trip and even failures, because at the end of the day, it is all part of that amazing journey to success. So, just sit back and enjoy the ride.

#2 Embrace the unexpected

Everyone has a different journey to success, but one factor that successful people have in common is being flexible. Not everything will go as planned and you probably have to adjust your plans 100 times, but instead of getting stressed about the things you can’t control, try to be flexible and embrace the unexpected. It is one of the best habits you can have.

#3 Never ask for permission

“Don’t react to the world. Let the world react to you.” Because we are young, we often find ourselves asking for permission. Especially, when we are the youngest one in the group, the only woman, or belong to a minority. We don’t want to overstep boundaries (that are often just in our head). We really should stop doing that, don’t let anyone have that much power over us and let the world respond to us instead of the other way around.

#4 Always make time for a mentor

Everyone needs a mentor who challenges you, is critical, will disagree with you and has the balls to tell you that you are wrong. This way your ideas will be sharpened and your thinking will be challenged. So, no matter how busy you are, always make time to meet up with your mentor and, to mentor others!

#5 Take breaks – it is good for your body and soul

Unplug from your work life! We are often too caught up with all the responsibilities that we have that we forget to pause from time to time. Stand still a couple of times per week, relax, do the things you love and allow yourself to recharge and refocus.

#6 Don’t forget your family and friends

Keep one evening per week to spend with your friends and family. It can be hard when you have so many things to do, but your friends and family should always be a priority. They are a part of your journey as well, as they are the ones who can keep you grounded and will support you through the good and the bad.

  • http://katelynmcphee.blogspot.ca Katelyn McPhee

    The point of making time for a mentor really resonates with me! And making time for family and friends is number one!! Great tips, thanks :)


  • http://fashionbackyard.blogspot.fr/ Camille Beygui

    Great tips



    • Lois

      Thank you!

  • Carly Richardson

    Amazing Tips! Thank you! :)


    • Lois

      Aahh thanks and you are welcome!

  • http://zoemountford.blogspot.co.uk/ Zoe Mountford

    Great tips and very motivating x

    Zoe Mountford x

  • https://www.wonkylauren.com Lauren

    So many great tips, thank you, I must try to remember these in my last year of 20! x


    • Lois

      Thank you!

  • http://omtati.com/ Tatiana

    I love this – #3 is especially relevant to me. I find that I doubt myself and am afraid to overstep boundaries, many of which are imagined. Thank you for the reminder that we should take back that power. :)


  • Maggie Stewart

    I love your blog!! Thanks for the inspirational post

    xo- Maggie


  • http://reneesexton.co.nz Renee

    Great article, I love reading things like this. Always os inspirational x

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