6 Healthy Alternatives For Bad Food Cravings

Fries, chocolate, chicken nuggets and all the other unhealthy food that we love so much! How we love and hate them. Especially around my period I tend to eat lots of bad and unhealthy food, and always promise myself I will plan in an extra gym session later (which obviously never happens).

Monica Cook

Finding healthy alternatives is probably the best way to deal with bad cravings. I replace candy with fruits, pasta with Zucchetti and fries with sweet potato which gives you a healthy and satisfied feeling afterwards.

We give you 5 unhealthy cravings that you can easily replace with tasty healthy ones!

#1 – Chips

Especially flavoured chips are a no-no. Choose for original chips with a low-fat percentage (e.g. Kettle), because most flavoured ones contain a lot of unhealthy and unnecessary extra’s.

#2 – Pizza

Yes, a healthy pizza is possible! The so-called ‘skinny’ pizza is a delicious alternative which is at its best when you make it yourself. Choose healthy toppings and bottom, you are the chef!

#3 – Pasta

I love pasta and this was definitely the hardest to replace. Last year I read about Zucchetti, which is the best alternative I found so far. You use a zucchini instead of pasta and you can make a nice sauce with healthy ingredients.

 #4 – Chocolate

Most girls love chocolate and luckily for us there is a healthy type of chocolate you can eat when you crave chocolate but still want to eat ‘clean’. Choose for chocolate with a high percentage of cocoa in it. Most people don’t like pure chocolate, so don’t start with 80% but start with a lower percentage and built it up.

 #5 – Fries

Sweet potato fries are a good alternative to French fries. It is less greasy and fat, you can easily make them in the oven, eat them with ketchup and it still tastes really good.

#6 – Bread

Just like pasta, bread is one of my favourites and so hard to get rid of (I am from Holland, a real bread-eating country). Especially in the summer when I am sitting on a terrace, I crave bread, with aioli, tapenade and all the other delicious dips it comes with. Nowadays, I replace white bread with spelt bread, which contains a lot of nutrition’s, and is a tasty, healthy alternative.

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  1. This post is great! There are days when no matter how much I eat, I never feel satisfied, so these are great options. Thanks!!


  2. Love this post! I just bought a spiralizer for zucchini spaghetti and I hope it’ll be as tasty as everyone claims ;)

  3. These are great. I also found a really good way of making low calorie pizza for when I get a craving. Use a tortilla wrap, pop on some tomato puree and a small sprinkle of cheese and then top with loads of yummy veggies and a teaspoon of onion chutney/marmalade then grill for a few minutes and voila you have a much healthier pizza than the high calorie alternative.


  4. Such great substitutes! I find pizza to be one of the hardest things to avoid. Shall definitely try a ‘skinny’ one!


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