6 Healthy Books To Improve Your Cooking Skills

Us Career Girls are hard workers and even though we love food, it’s sometimes easier to reach for what is convenient over what costs us a bit of energy. Take away, anyone? But with a little bit of preparation, it’s easy to unleash your inner kitchen goddess and stick to those good habits! To help you get started here are 5 great cookbooks that will help you to create a phenomenal meal and most of these won’t even take that long!

Jamie Oliver – Everyday Superfood


Jamie’s super happy face on the cover of this book gets me excited to cook already. In this one you’ll find healthy recipes that are bursting with vitamins and minerals. Everything you need to stay fit and focused for your day to day job. Besides dinner recipes you will also find healthy breakfasts and lunches. Yay!

Simply Nigella – Feel Good Food


It’s all about balance, whether it is eating or preparing food it should always be pleasurable. Nigella has created a book full of recipes that will satisfy you no matter what mood you’re in. From quick and comfy food to dinner parties with your friends you will find it in here. An extra plus: there are also some sweet treats!

Deliciously Ella – Every Day


If you haven’t heard of this amazing food blogger, you should definitely pick this book up. Her best and easiest recipes for a healthy way of life are now bundled into this beautiful book. This one comes out on January 21st but if it has the same look and feel as her website it must be very good!

Anna Jones – A Modern Way To Eat


Yes, vegetarian Career Girls this one is for you! The way we eat is changing and meat isn’t always necessary anymore. Anna Jones worked with Jamie Oliver for years and now has published her own cookbook. This book contains beautiful photos and lots of delish recipes. From blueberry porridge in the morning to ricotta and courgette for dinner. It’s all covered in here. This one is great if you’re doing veganuary!

Tara Stiles – Make Your Own Rules Cookbook


Tara Stiles is an American model turned Yoga instructor, and we can’t get enough of her Yoga videos, but there is much more to this young Career Girl. She created a cookbook with more than 100 simple recipes inspired by all her international travels. The recipes are guidelines to create your own cooking style and practice your skills in the kitchen. She wants you to show that cooking is fun and well I have to admit, I’m already excited!

Joe Wicks – Lean In 15: 15 Minute Meals And Workouts To Keep You Lean And Healthy


Joe is the superstar behind the 90 day SSS plan, dedicated to helping people shift, shape and sustain a leaner body. He believes that you can absolutely feed your body while working out and that you should fill your plate with delicious food, so it’s no wonder his cookbook is an astounding success!

By Shelley Beekman

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