6 Healthy Breakfast Toast Ideas For Super Busy Mornings

These healthy breakfast recipes will help you upgrade your morning Forget what you know about breakfast, sometimes you just need to be refreshed and get some inspiration for your meal plans. If you’re prepping meals for the new year and want some inspiration to take your breakfast toast to the next level, look no further.

From sweet to savory, these toast toppings are seriously getting us excited for breakfast before work, not to mention how great our Instagram feed will look after snapping a couple of these beauties…


1. Blueberry Chia 

Healthy Breakfast Toast Ideas

If you’re looking for healthy breakfast recipes you probably need to start with this toast. The ultimate healthy breakfast toast, toast is topped with greek yogurt, chia seeds, blueberries, and blue diamond almonds. It’s pretty, tastes delicious, and will give you a great start to the day as you’re running out the door. Check the recipe here.


2. Banana and honey



Yes, you can pair a little whole grain bread with ricotta and banana, this is one of our favorite healthy breakfast recipes. If you have a sweet tooth in the morning you’ll love this honey, cinnamon, ricotta, and banana toast. It’s seriously quick to make, requires barely any preparation, and tastes amazing. Find the recipe here.


3. Avocado and tomato 



This roasted tomato and avocado recipe will convert you to savory breakfasts forever. It’s healthy as it only contains mashed avocado, roasted tomatoes, balsamic vinegar, parsley, and red pepper flakes. It’s the perfect Sunday breakfast in bed. Find the recipe here.


4. Kale, avocado, and tahini 



Another variation of the classic avocado and toast recipe, this one is a little different, it contains tahini sauce, avocado slices, and pumpkin and chia seeds. It tastes as good as it looks, too. This is the perfect new year’s day breakfast. Check the recipe here.

5. Fig and blackberries



A yummy fruit-filled toast in the morning will give you the perfect start to the day. This pretty breakfast toast is topped with figs, blackberries, walnuts, honey, and greek yogurt. This will give anyone around you serious breakfast envy! Find the recipe here.

6. Avocado mash with egg



Avocado toast is classic, and it’s not just for bloggers. It doesn’t have to take hours, all you have to do is mash an avocado and boil an egg. It’s super simple and can be done in the morning before work. If you want to add to the flavor add seeds and mint and enjoy in front of the morning news with your lemon water. Check the recipe here.

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