6 Incredible Courses That Will Help You Build A Business This Year

If you’ve decided that your goal for 2019 is to start a business, or focus on the one you’ve had on the side, go you! If there’s one piece of advice we could give any person who wants to start a business, it would be; try and do as much as you can yourself at first. By that we mean, take the photographs yourself, design the website yourself, do all the things you can when you’re just starting up so that you don’t have to pay extortionate amounts and can really get to grips with what those skills are worth and how long those things realistically take. It’s a big task, starting a business, and you’ll need some knowledge on your side.

Skillshare has always been our go-to place for brushing up our skills, and you can get a 2-month free membership here, so it’s the perfect place to start if you need to get inspired to take action and start making your business dreams come true. Here are a few of our favorite courses for anyone who wants to start a business this year.

1. Manage your money

The first step to starting a business is learning how to manage your money. Start with a bookkeeping class which is designed with freelancers in mind, to learn the basics of choosing the right bookkeeping method for your business, categorizing and tracking your expenses and staying organized throughout the year.

This skill is the building block, once you’re confident on managing your money you can focus on growing your business and doing more of the fun stuff. Don’t let yourself get caught out and stay ahead of all your taxes, bills, and expenses. This course is fun, informative, educational, and most importantly – easy! It’ll simplify every money question you had when starting a business. Sign up now.

2. Create amazing content

You’re going to need to know how to create good content if you want your business to grow. Content marketing is a huge part of any business, and award-winning journalist Soledad O’Brien knows where good stories start and how they can help you connect with your audience.

You’ll learn how to gather information and turn it into a story, how to become an expert interviewer, and how to tell an authentic story even when you’re restricted to a few hundred words. This is really important to help you stand out, build a community, get yourself discovered online and attract readers and customers to your business. Enroll here.

3. Make an incredible brand

This hugely popular class will help you with branding your business. Streetwear icon Jeff Staple will talk you through building your brand from purpose to product, which is basically one of the main building blocks of success in any company. He’ll teach you how to refine your brand name and slogan (if you have one!), the things you never considered about your logo, and telling a story with your products.

If you are considering starting a business that relies on selling a product and building a brand, you need to enroll in this class now.

4. The secrets of a great email

Email marketing will play a huge role in your business, it’s how you’ll deliver ideas and news to your customers and audience, so getting started with it and learning the basics is essential. Allyson Van Houten is the Senior Marketing Manager for MailChimp, so it’s safe to say she knows a thing or two about sending great emails. In this class, you’ll learn about what to say, how to grow your email list, and how often to hit send.

You’ll learn how to build a subscriber list, how to use sign up forms on your website, and how to segment that list for the best results. If it all sounds a bit over your head, Allyson will take you through it in bite-sized chunks, so that you’re ready to maximize your potential and use email marketing to get ahead. Start this class here.

5. Build a business for less than 5000

This incredible class from the founder of Skillshare will definitely help you get your business off the ground. Some of the students of this class have been featured on Mashable and have started successful companies, so it’s a great starting point if you want to take the leap and make your business a reality. Michael Karnjanaprakorn shares the secrets of how he started Skillshare for less than $5,000 and ended up raising over $10M.

He’ll talk you through a good idea, how to set your initial goals and leave the class with a finalized Minimum Viable Product and the skills you need to take that into a future venture. Definitely start this class now if you want to learn how to start a business. Enroll here.

6. Use your iPhone to boost your social media accounts

One underrated skill you’ll need in your marketing efforts is photography. Starting off taking good, unique photos for your social media channels will help you stand out. But you need the skills first to take you to the next level. This class will teach you everything about taking stunning photos with just your phone, you’ll learn how to compose the perfect shot, optimize your phone camera settings, and how to edit the photographs perfectly and for free!

Dale McManus is a professional photographer/videographer who knows a thing or two about the perfect shot – so he’ll teach you how to tell a story with your camera, and how to use light to get the perfect shot, too. You’ll learn so much and be able to use the photos you shoot on your Instagram profile! Get started now!


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