6 Must-Read Books That Will Inspire and Motivate You

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Today is International Women’s Day, which means we need to celebrate everything that comes with being a woman – including having an impossible to organize wardrobe and hating life for one week every month. If you sometimes wish you could get career and life advice on tap from amazing women, then you’re in luck. Here are our favorite reads that were written by career girls for career girls! Also, check out our favorite thrilling fiction picks here!


Moranifesto by Caitlin Moran


Caitlin Moran is the genius behind How To Be A Woman, the best selling book that deals with the trials and tribulations of modern women’s lives and talks about feminism in a funny and honest way. She’s now released Moranifesto, a series of essays written in her trademark witty style that focus on politics and her observations about the world we live in. Pick it up if you like funny, warm and witty writing and accessible politics – dive right into this!


Making It Up As I Go Along by Marian Keyes


Author Marian Keyes compiled this delightful book on being a modern woman based on her own experiences. The essays contained within will help you deal with breaking up with your hairdresser, how not to wear fake tan and some of the truths about writers. It’s perfect for career girls of all ages really, after you’re done you can lend it to the inspirational woman in your life – too.


Reading Women: How The Great Books Of Feminism Changed My Life by Stephanie Staal

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Stay-at-home mom Stephanie had her life changed by the books she read. She found it hard to read empowering books when she didn’t lead an empowering life, so she re-enrolled at Barnard and re-read the books that changed her life with a new sense of self-belief. Understanding feminism helped her to improve her relationships and her life.


Not that kind of girl by Lena Dunham

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Everybody’s experiences of being a woman are different, and Lena certainly hits the nail on the head with her essays and insights. The book was controversial but really, it gives insight into the world of a zany, intelligent woman with a drive and a desire to succeed. Read more about Lena here if you need to know why she’s inspiring!


Why Not Me by Mindy Kaling

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Yep, we’ve featured Mindy’s books before in our 10 inspiring autobiographies every 20 something should read article, and there’s a reason why. She’s great at writing insightful, engaging page turners, and this is no exception. The essays in ths autobiography deal with deeply personal issues about being Mindy and being accepted in Hollywood with a fresh, funny and warm voice. Some of her insights are sad, but women like Mindy are kicking ass and speaking out about it.


We Should All Be Feminists by Chimamanda Ngozi Adichie


Chimamanda Ngozi Adichie is the queen of TED talks, she’s featured on a Beyonc√© track and she knows her shit. If you want to read about equality and Chimamanda’s life experiences, pick this up and devour it in a day. For feminism and real talk about society’s expectations of women read this and be inspired!

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