6 Jobs That Will Give You A Good Work Life Balance

large (1)If you find yourself never being able to switch off from your constant busy workload then perhaps you are in need of a change of career. There is such a thing as a work-life balance, you just have to find it, the following 6 jobs are amongst those of the best that allow you to enjoy the perfect balance between working and living life to the fullest.

#1 Substitute Teacher

No one ever said educating a class full of children would be easy but you do have the long holidays to be thankful for. Working with children is not only incredibly fulfilling it also allows you to remember how to be carefree and can keep you young at heart, something we all need a little help with from time to time. The flexible pick and choose work schedule is a very attractive feature, alongside the weekends off.

#2 Office Administrator

Working 9 to 5 in an office is not ideal for everyone but if you don’t mind an office environment and the rather mundane everyday tasks such as photocopying and printing then working as an office administrator could be ideal. With a relatively stress free to do list and everyday set hours you can often be in and out the office door at the exact same time every day Monday to Friday leaving you with your evenings and weekends completely free.

#3 Fitness Instructor

Once qualified you have the choice of working freelance creating your own work hours or working for a gym following a set shift pattern. As a freelance worker you get to create your own schedule and can be as flexible as you wish, excuse the pun. You can even choose your very own work location, without being restricted to a hot, confined office space all day you have the freedom to take your clients wherever you wish, be it the local park, at a green spot by the lake or by the busy city streets.

#4 Account Manager

Account managers are responsible for the management of sales, working for a company or working independently. The hours are often flexible with you deciding on your own working schedule and how you best wish to plan your time. You may work 9 to 5 in an office or you could be on the road visiting clients making everyday a little different from the last. The flexible hours make this job one of the best for maintaining a healthy work life balance.

#5 Tour Guide

What could be better than getting paid to see beautiful sights whilst educating people on an area you are passionate about. With so many new people to meet every day the job is far from repetitive, great communication skills are a must as is being a people person, with a job as great as this it’s hard to believe it can even be deemed as work.

#6 Fire Fighter

Perhaps not an obvious choice, fighting off fires and being responsible for other people’s safety doesn’t exactly sound stress free but fire-fighters actually enjoy a rather flexible work schedule and have more days off than most other professions. Working so closely with your co-workers means working relationship are often very good and you can become incredibly close to your team making work much more enjoyable on the whole.

By switching off at home and enjoying your spare time you will find yourself much more motivated and on top form for your next day at the office. Maintaining a healthy work life balance can lead to improved job performance and a much happier attitude towards a long day at work ensuring you wake up on the right side of bed every single day!

Written by Sophie Black.

  1. Great post. I think balance of life is important, no matter what career you have. The challenge, with whatever you do with your life, is to make it a priority.


  2. Great post! I would love to be an Account Manager…mostly for the opportunity to travel to customers and drum up new business.


    La Deutsche Diva

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