6 Life Saving Apps for Career Girls

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It’s a new year, which means it’s not only time purge your closet or clean out your desk, but also it’s time to clean out your phone. This means getting rid of all of those unused apps that sit there and take up space. Get rid of them and if needed, replace them with apps you will actually use and will be helpful. Here are the top ten life saving apps that us ladies at CGD couldn’t live a day without. Check them out!

#1 Calm – meditate, sleep, relax
This app should be a part of your morning and evening routine. Use this app for breathing, relaxation and mindfulness meditations. The exercises vary in length depending on your preference.
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#2 Mint – Money Manager

You’ve probably heard of this one before, but it still remains one of the best apps to track your spending and saving. This app links up to your bank accounts and breaks down your finances in a weekly statement. So if you’re trying to save or just want to make sure that you are consistently staying within your budget, Mint is the perfect app for you.
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#3 Paprika – Recipe Manager

With your busy schedule, cooking dinner is often the last thing on the to-do list. Paprika is a recipe manager that allows you to save recipes that you find online. From there it creates a grocery list, which you can add or subtract items from. It even allows you to make changes in the recipe and save it for later use. It’s shopping and cooking made easier with the help of one app!
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#4 Starbucks.

If you need to have your caffeine fix every morning, then you can’t possibly live without the Starbucks app. Aside from linking with a credit card so payment only requires a simple scan from your phone, you can now order from your phone. No more lateness because you had to have your coffee.
 iOS & Android

#5 Clear.

This app is your ultimate to-do list, task scheduler, reminder, appointment book, desk calendar, and alarm clock all in one. Career girls have busy lives and this app allows you to stay organized and on top of daily items. Download this app so you can be sure to stay ahead of the game.
iOS & Android

#6 Circle of 6.

If you live alone or perhaps in an area where danger can lurk, this app is a must-download. Select six of your closest friends. Instead of fumbling for their number, the app allows you to get in touch with them by simply clicking on an icon that represents them. The app is connected to Google maps, allowing you to send your exact location to someone in your circle of six. This app prevents violence and ensures safety.
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