6 Little Things That Ruin Your Mood And How To Fix Them

It has happened to us all, we woke up on a Wednesday and Murphy’s law went to work, meaning everything that could go wrong did go wrong. We’re not sure why the mood is lingering, but it just feels like you are bringing negative energy to yourself and those around you. Don’t feel alone, and no you don’t need a therapist, we’ve all been there.

Here are a few things that will definitely ruin your mood and how to fix them!

#1 Lack of sleep

The number one cause of most people’s next day despair. Researchers agree that we need between six to nine hours of sleep nightly. Each person differs. Now if you are like me, eight hours of sleep is not even practical for a girl who can’t even lunge into bed before midnight, but you must know your body and what it needs.

CGD fix:  Get the recommended night’s rest obviously! We suggest setting an alarm an hour before bed time and start preparing to shut down for the evening. That’s right, if you are having a late dinner with the girls, can’t turn off your fall must watch movie list, or you’re a workaholic, when the bedtime song chimes, it is time to say goodnight. This will require discipline, but well worth it in the end.

#2 Ill-fitting clothes

Besides a lack of sleep, there is nothing more frustrating than tugging on your skirt all day. You will feel uneasy, uncomfortable and lack self-esteem, which will resonate with those around you. As a chain effect, you won’t get the compliments you are used to and you will feel as though you made the wrong outfit choice. Well, the bad news is, you did! The good news is, this can be easily fixed.

CGD fix: Make sure your clothes fit the night before and pick out your outfits either each night or for the week on Sunday. Check the fit and analyze your activities for the day or days to come. Keep an outfit journal to note what you wear well and don’t, as well as ideas on how to mix and match those pieces which are most flattering throughout the week. Most importantly, dress for the day, because if you are running from one meeting to another in 5 inch heels, this will put you in a poor mood. No one likes to see a fashionable girl walk in pain – see this article.

#3 Negative People

Whether it’s a friend, coworker or family member, negative thinking complainers can suck the energy right out of you. Regretfully, you will have to deal with negative people throughout your life, but you must not let them turn your mood upside down and affect your mental well-being.

CGD fix: Try not to converse with negative individuals for long periods of time. Listen, provide support (if needed), try to switch topics or kindly exit out of the conversation. Be mindful of the time you spend entertaining negative energy. Remember your emotional health is of urgency and the crowd you keep can enhance or distract from the life you want to live and the great mood you love to have.

#4 Bad Posture

Sit up straight! Stop slouching! Walk upright! We’ve heard it all. But who would know they were actually right. A more upright posture is associated with enhanced mood and energy. Go figure!

CGD fix: Put both feet on the floor, back straight, chest out, abs in, and reap the benefits. Throughout the day be mindful of the way you are sitting at your computer, at lunch with friends, or running on the treadmill. Self-analyze throughout the day and adjust your body as needed.  You are not in the military, so relax. You will feel the difference in time.

#5 Working too much

If you work more than 50 plus hours per week, this may be you. However, working like this over time, will not only put you in challenging physical health but poor mental stamina as well. When you are not happy with your physical and your mental is challenging, bad moods are easy to follow.

CGD fix: Get more sleep, make a to-do list each morning and before you rush out for the day, stop and take at least 5 minutes to meditate. This will help you to prioritize your goals and workload for a more effective work day and better mood.

#6 Social Media’s got you down

Researchers suggest that spending too much time on social media can increase your chances of feeling like the day just won’t end. Not only will social media insist that everyone but you is traveling to exotic islands, blissfully in love and successful. But using, say Instagram or Facebook for long periods of time can actually feel like a waste of time, making you feel guilty and anxious.

CGD fix: Spend more time with your friends, colleagues and family face-to-face. Schedule lunch dates, coffee/tea breaks or Sunday social day. The key is to throw your phone down or in your purse and take a moment to enjoy the people around you, not on your social network.


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