6 Mental Tricks To Beat Unhealthy Cravings

During that time of the month, most of us get an intense craving for sweet, sugary foods, chips and CHOCOLATE. Yes, you’re not alone in these cravings. Not everyone is on a strict diet to fit in a perfect size zero. But most of us are aware of the fact that certain types of food are healthier than others. Snacking on Diet Coke and chips is a bad habit I should get rid off. So how can you get rid of bad binging habits without going into starvation mode scroll down below and read our 6 mental tricks to beat unhealthy cravings.

6 mental tricks to beat unhealthy cravings

6 mental tricks to beat unhealthy cravings

#1- Tell yourself you can have anything
When you think about going on a diet, hunger pangs, deprivation, and waving goodbye to your favorite foods probably come to mind. To be honest going on a diet for me doesn’t work. A couple of years ago I wanted to lose some weight and tried every diet out there. As a result, I had a negative relationship with food and could only think about the food I wasn’t allowed to eat. The key is to eat what you want, but not everything you want. You can still enjoy one to two splurges during the week as long as you stay on track the rest of the time.

#2  Only five ingredients
This tricks allows you only five ingredients. If there are more than five ingredients on a food label it’s obviously a red flag for food processing.  This is an easy way to avoid impulse buys like chips, cookies or fast food.

#3 Aim for three colors
‘A 2012 Cornell study found that people prefer three food items and three different colors on their plates, compared with more or less of either category’ . Try to eat  healthy variety of colors, textures and nutrients instead of snacking on chocolate, candy and chips.

#4 Use your phone for motivation
Every time  you have a weak moment, just read a message or quote that encourages you to stick to your diet: “I could eat whatever I want and be healthier “ You’ll want to have these ideas at the forefront of your mind every time you’re hit with a craving.

#5- Gross yourself out
Learn more about what you’re really eating. There are a huge amount of films you can flick through on the internet. Read our latest article here.

#6 Keep yourself busy
Stop thinking about food. We are ‘Career Girls’ and probably haves tonnes of other stuff to do. Food cravings are often associated with boredom. If there is nothing to do, eating is a way to kill time and deal with any negative emotions.

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