6 Mindset Tricks That Will Make You More Successful

photo: Fashion Me Now


You’ve worked so hard for so long. Dare I say it’s time for a promotion! Taking success by the horns can be tough when you’re not sure where to go from here, or how to achieve your goals, but if you work on developing a success mindset, anything is possible. We always believe positivity helps you to achieve anything, and likewise if you think like a successful person you can easily become one.

Here are a few mindsets to keep in mind when you’re trying to become successful…

1. Hearing is more important than speaking

Forget about you. You need to remind yourself that listening to other people is more valuable than getting your own opinions out sometimes. If you really hear what people are trying to say, you give them a great impression and can fashion better arguments and convincing opinions when you take their side into consideration.

Practice active listening every chance you get. Avoid listening only to jump at the chance to respond, really hear people out. Get acquainted with their personalities, strengths, weaknesses, and goals. This is the prime opportunity to really find out who your teammates are and learn to use what people say to create a strong team.

2. Honest communication is the best

Be honest with everyone around you. Make sure you’re open and easy to read, so your co-workers and teammates know how you’re feeling and what your strengths and weaknesses are. Nobody likes to work with (or promote) people who appear sneaky or who bottle up their true feelings.

Schedule one-on-one meetings with co-workers. Once these meetings are scheduled, stick to them like a sticky note! Make these meetings a priority. Even squeeze in an honest chat in with your boss from time to time, be honest and clear about your goals and your strengths and ask for honest feedback in return.

3. Everything is inspiring

It may seem strange to walk around with a pen and pad all day, but it’s a method to tame the madness. You can easily get lost in the shuffle of information, forget your next meeting, or what tasks are increasingly important.

If you have your pen and planner, you can jot down that hot topic and walk into your meeting effortlessly (and on time). While you’re commuting, a genius idea might strike for your new business. You can pick up information from the people around you, and jot it all down. Writing it means you’re more likely to remember it. Bingo! You are now a walking resource!

4. You can’t do it all

You have to manage yourself in order to manage others. Accept that you can’t do everyone’s job around you. Accept that finding the perfect work/life balance won’t be easy and accept that some things just weren’t meant for you. If you’re a brilliant chef, embrace it, but don’t try to fit yourself into a box you’ll never fit into. That’s not what makes you who you are.

5. Sometimes you know best

It’s natural to second guess yourself, of course, you don’t know everything. Push past this when presented with situations that require your decision. When you over think, decisions are delayed and everything stops. Gather feedback from those people that really know their stuff, then trust your gut. Make an educated decision and stand strongly by it, sometimes you do know best. You got this!


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