6 Must See Career Girl Movies Coming Out In 2016


We have already deemed 2016 as the year of the Career Girl and as movie buffs we wanted to keep you motivated with a little boost of adventure, romance, comedy and love from the career girls on the big screen. Here are 6 must see movies for you this year.

Jane Got a Gun

Okay as if Natalie Portman could not mesmerize us in any other form, she is now a gun slinging cowgirl who is out to save her husband from a gang of killers. January 29th, Jane (Portman) enlists the help of her ex to help bring these killers to their knees. Natalie is once again giving us major #GirlPower along with a cast of rugged eye candy. Beside every good man is a great woman and Natalie is proving that we girls fight for what we want. But remember this is a movie, so we wouldn’t recommend you contacting your ex to go out and assist you with your current love interest in any way – just saying.

How to be Single

Learning how to be single and the crazy rules involved can be an innocuous journey of mishaps, mistakes and frustrations in a world full of ever-evolving definitions of love. However, “the thing about being single is you should cherish it” (says Alice, played by Dakota Johnson).  So how can you effectively not be in a relationship and still have a great time? Well with Leslie Mann, Alison Brie, and Rebel Wilson’s hilarity, we are soon to find out. Through Rebel’s rawness and Dakota Johnson’s innocence, the single life of New York just got exciting again as this cast takes NYC on in a battle defining the single life. And just in time for Valentine’s day. #singleliferules

The Choice

It is said that every path you take leads to another choice and Travis and Gabby have a choice once experiencing love at first site when Gabby moves into a house in a Southern coastal town named Beaufort and apprehensively falls for her neighbor. These two are tested and their love for one another must prevail after a string of life-altering events make loving one another a journey to remember or forget. Could this be the Notebook of 2016? Grab your tissues and your girls this February because this should be a tearjerker.

The Huntsman Winter’s War

Good, Evil and a sexy huntsman! Need we say more? How about Chris Hemsworth. Yep, a career girl needs a little adventurous tale of good vs. evil to take our minds off work and all other grown-up responsibilities. Charlize Theron is so wicked and we love it! Emily Blunt and Charlize Theron are evil sisters plotting to conquer the land while the Huntsman and his forbidden lover Jessica Chastain set out to stop them. This is no kiddie tale folks, so get ready to be swept away in this mystical journey in April.

Queen of the Desert

A career girl can have it all – the perfect career, adventure and love and Nicole Kidman as real-life revolutionary trailblazer Gertrude Bell, a British political officer and archaeologist at the dawn of the twentieth century, shows us the way. In theaters in March, Queen of the Desert chronicles Gertrude’s (Kidman) life-long journey to the British embassy of Tehran where she learns and gains an understanding of the people and cultures of the Middle East. For our history buff career girls, this one’s for you.

Me Before You

Another chick flick based on a bestselling romance novel, Me Before You follows the life of a girl named Louisa (Emilia Clarke), a small town girl who forms an unlikely bond with a recently-paralyzed man she was assigned the task of taking care. The two form a bond during the caring process as Louisa learns more about William (Sam Claflin) and the life he once had and lost. This beautiful story and a must see this March.

Enjoy and be sure to share your reviews.


  • http://katelynmcphee.blogspot.ca Katelyn McPhee

    I’m so excited for ALL these films to come out! :D


  • Meg

    Ah cannot wait for How to be Single! Thanks for the other suggestions!

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