6 Obvious Signs You Are Just Not Drinking Enough Water



There are so many benefits to staying hydrated, but it’s often hard to tell how much is enough.

According to the institute of medicine; women should drink around 2.7 litres of water per day, and it’s more like 3.7 for men! Now that seems like a lot but you do get some of it from your food, so don’t panic and start carrying a 3-litre bottle on your back to sip on!

There are a few tell tale signs that you’re not getting enough H2O and if you haven’t recognized them already, here are 6 signs you’re just not drinking enough water.

You are feeling tired.

Lethargy can be a sign that your body is slowing itself down to conserve precious water reserves. If you always get your full 8 hours but are still yawning throughout the week, it’s likely you need an extra glass or two a day!

A loss of concentration.

Linked pretty closely to feeling tired, losing concentration is another key indicator that you’re dehydrated. Do you ever get to 11am and find your eyes losing focus? You have to read the same paragraph 4 times over before taking any of it in? Step away from your desk and top up that water bottle, it could make all the difference.


We get a certain percentage of our daily water intake from food. If you find yourself reaching for more food it might be because your body is craving liquid, and you’re mistaking those feelings for hunger pangs. I’m not saying down a pint of water every time you’re feeling peckish, but keep a glass of water next to you and it should stave off any unnecessary snacking.

Dry lips.

Maybe an obvious one, but not everybody realises how dehydration affects your skin and body. If you’re constantly applying the lip balm before thinking about how much liquid you’re getting, try tackling the problem at the source rather than dampening down the symptoms.

Poor digestion.

Often digestion problems are linked to a lack of fibre or leafy greens, but water is a key player too!

Sipping water throughout the day and keeping hydrated is vital to good gut health.


Yep, the W word! Wrinkling skin and premature ageing are signs you aren’t drinking enough. As we get older, our bodies retain less water, meaning that naturally we need to take more in to keep us ticking along smoothly.

I know I’ll be drinking more of the clear stuff from now on!


  • Amy Sewell

    Great reminders – especially with the heat wave blasting so many areas right now!

  • Rebecca McFarland

    Great tips! I am always dehydrated and really need to up my fluid consumption!

  • Yvonne Ashon

    Water is my lifeline so to speak. It’s very important to keep hydrated.

  • Sheila

    This is actually a great and very informative post! Thank you for the tips.

  • Prerna Bhatt

    Water has helped my skin so much! It’s insane how a simple habit can change your body so much!
    Thanks for sharing your thoughts! :)


  • Augustin Ra

    From now on, I’ll be drinking more water. Lots of ’em. Good thing, I always bring a water bottle at school and would just refill it when it’s empty. Maybe this is also a sign for me to cut my caffeine intake. Thank you for the helpful information. I also told my mom about the wrinkle part. Hahaha! :D

    Augustin Ra | Indie Spirit

  • Shari Williams

    It’s funny that I know these facts and I still fall off the water wagon so regularly! Thanks for the reminder :)

  • Shari Williams

    It’s funny that I know these facts and I still fall off the water wagon so regularly! Sometimes I get so busy I don’t realize that I’m dehydrated. South Florida is not the place to forget the importance of drinking lots of water! Thanks for the reminder :)


  • Camille Beygui

    I drink water all the time and I still have really dry lips ! I don’t understand why.

  • Megan McCormick

    This is a great reminder! I try a drink a minimum of 2 litres a day but sometimes things come up and I get a late start!


  • Hannah Lucy

    Interesting post! It’s the one thing I really struggle with!

    Hannah | Oh January

  • Pamela McCray

    Wow . . this was soo insightful. I too struggle with water intake, and its not because I substitute too many other beverages. I don’t drink soda or milk (which I need). But I’m going to give a better try after reading this article. Sharing!

  • dreamofadventures

    Interesting post! I try to drink as much water as I can and had no idea that loss of concentration was related to not drinking enough water. Thanks for sharing! =o)


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