6 Power Words You NEED To Use On Your Resume


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We all want to make a good impression with our resumes, be it with our special skills or our educational prowess. However, some of us still miss out on those special words that give our resume the push it needs!

So, let’s go over those all-important buzz words that will get you one step closer to getting your dream job role:

1. Improved

2. Progressed

3. Enhanced

4. Increased

By using these positive words in your resume, you’re showing your potential employer that you’ve achieved something to better yourself and/or your previous workplace. These words can be used to reference any internships you’ve completed, any qualifications you have received and any skills you’ve mastered which make you right for the job. If you can, try and include some figures to back up what you’re saying. Such as boosting sales figures by 80% or recruiting workers for your previous company. Companies like results and it’s your job to give them.

5. Experience

6. Achievements

In my experience, these two words can be used as headings on your resume. Your employer wants to know the qualities you possess that will be beneficial to their workplace. Using these two words shows you’ve got the skills they want but also remember to stress that you still want to improve and gain new skills from working there. Keep it simple and snappy, lead the company to what they want to see and make it clear and concise.


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  • Elishia

    Looking through my resume now I can see a couple of places where these will really help to improve it. Thanks, hopefully, when the damn work permit comes through, these will help get me work in NYC. Thanks!


  • amelia

    Definitely agree! Might give mine another look through!

  • KacheeTee

    Agreed! I keep emphasising the importance of buzz words! It’s so power packed and paints a mental picture in the recruiter’s mind.


  • Dara @ Peonies and Bees

    So helpful, and yes, definetly agree! Thanks a million for the tips.

    – Dara || http://www.peoniesandhoneybees.com

  • M.B Harper

    Awesome Post! Thank you :)


  • Ashley Print

    Great tips! You really get to showcase what you’ve accomplished with those!

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