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6 Reasons Taking Selfies Actually Makes You Fabulous.

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If I had a pound for every selfie I have hidden away in the depths of my camera roll then I’m sure I would be a fair bit wealthier. We have become a generation obsessed with taking pictures of ourselves, but then how can we possibly resist when filters make us look that good! We may be quick to judge but in some occasions taking a selfie can mean far more than just capturing a good makeup day.

#1 They can capture a million moments.

Long gone are the days of a just taking a standard front facing selfie, let me introduce you to a whole new world of hashtags you may not have even known existed. There really is a selfie for everyone, there’s the #delfie (dog selfie) the #healthie and even the #shelfie, because people like to take pictures of their shelves, obviously.

#2 They can be used to motivate.

It’s all too normal to see a man posting a gym selfie and receiving endless amounts of praise on social media regarding his fine physique yet when a woman posts a gym selfie the whole world is quick to point the finger saying she is a show off. Maybe she is showing off but really why shouldn’t she? If you work hard and are proud of your body then you should embrace that.

#3 They can be powerful.

2014 saw the start of the ‘no makeup selfie’ tag on social media, aimed at raising money for Cancer awareness by women showing off their bare faced beauty, millions of women including a whole host of celebrities managed to raise a huge £8 million in just under a week. Proof that a selfie is actually far more selfless than you may first think.

#4 They give us control.

Finally an image portraying women that we have control over, too many images in the media show women as flawless human beings when really the airbrushed look is not reality.  We can now show the world that actually most of us just want to chill out in our onesies with a face mask smeared all over our face. Gorgeous celebrities like Cara Delevingne all love a good bare faced selfie and I think it’s brilliantly refreshing.

#5 They allow us to celebrate our flaws.

Not only can we embrace our flaws but also we can love and own them and if everyone else happens to love them by hitting the like button then where is the harm in that? If your makeup looks too good to go unnoticed or your hair is looking unusually immaculate then show the world and be proud.

#6 They allow everyone to be seen.

We live in a society that unfortunately, has quite a narrow definition of beauty and expectations of how we should all look. Selfies allow every woman regardless of her age or her weight or how she looks to show herself off and be proud of who she is. We get to see real beauty and we get to share that with the world, what a wonderful thing to be able to do!

Are you a selfie addict? Share this with someone you know who loves selfies as much as we do! Also check out our article on apps you need to download to take the perfect selfie if you need a little motivation to get that camera out and start snapping away, or read this if you feel like you’re a little too addicted to your phone.

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  1. Veronica says

    aww I love this! Girl (and boy!) power!!

    Veronica //

  2. Linda D. says

    I have to admit that I’m not a huge fan of selfies, but they can actually make you more aware of your looks and image. If you can identify what would you like to change in the way people see you, you are halfway there!

    Linda D. ❈

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