7 Reasons Why Mum Is Always Right

There are at least 10.000 reasons why mum’s always right. We all have been in situations where we thought: ”If I only had listened to my mum!”. Her wisdom and knowledge are endless, and although she might not know everything, her advice in life is something we always are her thankful for.


#1 – Plan and prepare

Planning and preparing are my mum’s speciality. Everything we did was well planned and well prepared. I always hated it and felt like was no room for spontaneity, but these aspects can go hand it hand. Nowadays I totally understand where my mum is coming from and hate it when important things aren’t well planned or prepared.

#2 – Be on time

No matter where you go, be on time! I was always the one who arrived first at music lessons, sports or other social activities. Never understood why, until I had to go to appointments myself and came late. Job interviews, exams and meeting friends (big apologies to them), there is nothing more annoying than having to rush to your appointments. So thank you mums, for always bringing us on time.

#3 – Your true love is out there

Especially after a heartbreak, when mum is always there for you, this is a comforting sentence you hear a lot. Mum’s already have been through all this, so know it will get better in the end and that your true love is out there. Even though you might not have found him or her yet, mums know it will come. Don’t force it, be patient and let it happen.

#4 – Save your money

Oh, how I wished I listened to this one. Spending all my money like their is no tomorrow, booking holidays and buying unnecessary clothes. If only I saved the money like my mum said I should, my current bank account would not have been this dramatic.

#5 – He doesn’t deserve you

I think we all had this talk with our mum. You fell for the bad guy and despite all the advice from mum, dad, and friends, you still keep continue seeing him until everything goes wrong and mum is there to pick up the pieces. Mum knew from the beginning that he didn’t deserve you, but we never listen until it is too late.

#6 – School is really important

Now I totally understand why my mum was so strict on school, and, to be honest, I think I will be even more strict when I have children. School might not be fun or exciting, it is still really important when you are young. It gives you a certain discipline that you will be thankful for once you land yourself a job or decide to go to university.

#7 – Don’t shave your arms or legs

This is one I feel personal. I used to have tiny little hair on my legs you couldn’t even see, so absolutely no need to shave, but because all my friends did it, I had to do it as well. Despite the fact that my mum told me a 100 times ”don’t do it!”. Even after 10 years, I still regret not listening to my mum.

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  • Charlotte Sophia Roberts

    This is on point! X
    Charlotte – Charlotte Sophia Roberts

  • Lauren

    Definitely one and two, I’m such a planner now!

    Lauren x
    Britton Loves | Lifestyle Food Fashion Beauty – http://www.brittonloves.blogspot.co.uk


    so true!! Moms are ALWAYS right! My mom is such a planner she is the best!! xx

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  • Onyxsta

    Buahahaha @ #7
    Don’t think my mother would ever dole out such advice lol

    BLEURGH – http://www.bleurghnow.com

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