6 Rules To Help You Become Super Productive At Home

Whether you work from home or just want to make the most of your day off, being super productive at home can be tricky. It’s tempting to sit and watch Netflix or decide to just waste time because you’re at home. But you can be super productive, and no matter what you want to achieve, you can achieve it!

Whether you want to workout, tidy and organize your house, work on a side project or just get stuff on your to-do list done. Approaching it the right way is the key to making it happen.

1. Create a good morning routine

The first thing you need to do is create a good morning routine, that means getting up early and eating a healthy breakfast. You’ll notice that most successful people have similar morning routines, including exercise, prioritizing, and taking care of themselves.

Writing first thing in the morning helps your brain to get in the right mindset, you can start a journal in the Getting Stuff Done planner or use the first few hours of the morning to plan your day before it actually kicks off. Taking some time to schedule in your self-care is the best way to start off your day, too.

2. Theme your time

Don’t let the fact you don’t know where to start to derail your productivity. You need a plan to actually get stuff done. You need to start with your daily plan and decide what’s most important to tick off. Whether you’re simply doing chores, or have a whole plan to work from home, you need to actually get it written down and tell yourself which hours you’ll be working on something for. 

3. Stop distractions

When you’re at home, there are plenty of distractions. TV, people, or just the room you’re working in can distract you. You need to know where and when you work your best. You can work from a cafe if you struggle to set up a work environment at home. You have to be disciplined to cut distractions and be productive.

4. Don’t work too hard

You’ve got stuff to do, but doing too much without a break will give you a burnout. To reduce mental fatigue while staying on task, you can take small breaks between tasks. Even if you’re organizing your entire house, you should try something like the Pomodoro Technique which gives you short breaks before 25-minute sessions of work. Productivity is all about working to the best of your abilities, which means allowing yourself to rest.

5. Be effective 

There’s no such thing as free time, there’s only time you haven’t used. You need to actually use your free time, even if you’re at home and want to do absolutely nothing, trying to be productive means stopping yourself from doing that and getting everything you want to do, done. Schedule your time and make it happen, no excuses.

6. Celebrate your progress

No matter what you’ve got done, you need to celebrate your progress and make it count. Reward yourself so you’re int he right frame of mind to keep pushing yourself and working for it. You also need to reflect, so the most important thing to do is think about your progress, what went well throughout the day and decide how you’re going to make tomorrow better. You can use your Getting Stuff Done planner for this too.


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