Calm Down: 6 Simple Ways To Relax When You’re Stressed

Photo: Josefine Dahlberg


If you’re anything like me, stress can feel like an annoying and unhelpful acquaintance that keeps popping up at the least opportune times! When I can’t sleep at night or when I’m feeling overwhelmed, I’m always looking for advice on how to de-stress quickly.

The thing is, sometimes we don’t even notice we’re stressed, which is why it’s so incredibly important to learn how to spot the signals and combat them with de-stressing techniques to improve our mental and physical health.

Here are 6 ways to identify and decrease your stress levels to instantly improve your mindset!

1. Make your sleep count

Stress can affect your sleep both ways. Either sleeping too much or hardly at all can be a clear sign that your body is reacting to stress in your life. Try going to bed earlier and setting your alarm at the same time each morning. By having a good sleep hygiene routine, you will increase your chances of getting enough shut-eye which will, in turn, help you feel less stressed.

Feeling overtired will only increase your negative mindset and start a negative spiral of nerves. It’s often said, you require eight hours of sleep each night and there is nothing better than a good nights sleep to set you up for the day. So give it a go and you will begin to feel the benefits almost immediately!

2. Stop stress eating

You may have heard of the term stress eating, well this may seem a good idea at the time, but is only a temporary fix. In fact, indulging in sugary or salty treats can lift your mood, but only for a short time, making you crash back down in no time. Keep your diet balanced by not over or under eating. Feeling hungry or empty can intensify your low mood, making you feel worse.

3.  Distract yourself

A sure sign of stress is that you tend to become hyper-focused on the negative. You feel like hiding away to avoid stressors, but that could actually make things worse, try taking your mind off things by doing something you enjoy. Whether this is walking your dog or going to the gym, exercise has been proven to lower stress levels and release endorphins to the brain that can make you feel happier as well healthier. Try not to sit inside and over think things. Get out, get active and get some fresh air!

4. Be a social butterfly

Although having some ‘me time’ can be relaxing and beneficial, giving yourself some space to think and reflect, stress can sometimes make you want to isolate yourself from social events and gatherings. Don’t let this be the case. Meet your best friend for that coffee, go to that birthday party on the weekend. Socialising is proven to lower rates of depression and anxiety. So try not to shut yourself away and maintain an active social life.

5. Boost your energy

When you’re feeling stressed, you may feel a sudden lack of energy. Feeling lethargic and tired can lower your mood and make it more difficult to deal with the thing that has caused you stress in the first place. Start by taking some multivitamins and supplements to boost your immune system and increase your energy levels. As soon as you start to feel that energy boost you’ll be able to tackle your problems head on!

6.  Get in control

Feeling like you’ve lost control can be both a symptom and a trigger of your stress. Don’t let the stress take control of you by giving this feeling too much importance! Remember you do have choices and there are usually ways you can tackle the problem head-on. brainstorm with a friend, reach out to your support networks and make a list of possible resolutions.

This in itself will begin to relieve your stress, as you will feel begin to feel more empowered and in control. So the next time you’re feeling stressed try giving these 6 tips a go to become a more in controlled and calmer you!

How do you manage stress at this time of year? Share your tips and tricks with us in the comments below…


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