6 Smoothie Bowls That Are Perfect For Busy Mornings

Mornings can be super hectic and leave you with little appetite for your breakfast. Whether you’ve overslept, had a late night or you’re just feeling blue. These smoothie bowls are guaranteed to make you smile every morning. They take no time to prep, just shove it in a blender! And are insta-worthy, you’ll not only feel the health benefits of the healthy granola and fresh fruit. But they’ll keep you full until lunch time! These are six vegan-friendly smoothie bowls that are perfect for busy mornings.

1. Chocolate daydreams



This beautiful chocolate and almond smoothie bowl is perfect for those mornings where you are feeling down in the dumps, unmotivated and tired. The smoothie is both sweet from the almond butter and banana, yet creamy due to the almond milk. Sometimes we just crave something sweet and chocolatey in the morning and this way you can happily skip the chocolate croissant and feel guilt free.  Find the recipe here.

2. Say goodbye to your morning blues 


This stunning blueberry and avocado smoothie bowl is not only aesthetically amazing but also an explosion of yumminess! It’s incredibly quick to make and packed with ingredients that are incredible for you. Blueberries are superfoods, not only are they incredibly low in calories but also contain fiber, vitamin C and K and magnesium. Add in healthy fats from avocado and the energy kick from chia seeds, you have yourself one hell of a breakfast!  Find the Recipe here.

3. Nutty for this bowl


Everyone knows that nuts and seeds give you so much energy, you won’t even need that cup of coffee. This mixed berry and nut smoothie bowl not only looks like a dream come true but tastes like one too. Packed with blueberries, blackcurrants, and raspberries, this smoothie bowl is buzzing with flavors that will start your day with just the kick you need! Find the recipe here.

4. I’m going banana’s


Bananas and berries are everyone’s go-to safe flavor, we know what to expect and we know we’re going to like it. But this is simply divine, this bowl combines fresh spinach, sweet and tart blackcurrants, blackberries, raspberries with the creaminess of banana. Add some toppings of chia seeds and kiwi to give your bowl a real punch. This bowl includes everything you need to get your day started from protein to fiber! Find the recipe here.

5. The apple of my eye


Named “Apple pie” this smoothie bowl probably sounds more like a dessert than a healthy breakfast, but that’s what I love about breakfast foods! It doesn’t all have to be eggs you know! This perfect breakfast includes pink lady apples, pomegranate, and banana. Whoever tells you that breakfast simply offers toast and eggs, send them my way! This beautiful bowl is bright enough to lighten up anyone’s morning! Find the recipe here.

6. Pistachio dreamin’


Our final smoothie bowl does not disappoint. I love pistachio, it’s so creamy and delicate. This smoothie bowl is perfect for summer mornings by the beach or pool, or maybe just dreaming about being by the beach! Dates, pistachios, bananas and avocado make up this light and creamy smoothie bowl leaving you to feel relaxed and ready for the long day ahead. Find the recipe here.

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  • Annie

    Would love to make these someday! The chocolate almond butter & blueberry-avocado smoothie bowls look so good! :)


  • jlpesso

    Looks so good!

  • dreamofadventures

    I love having an acai bowl in the mornings =o)


  • Chichi

    all those look and sound yummy, banana is my fav!