The 6 Step Morning Ritual That Will Change Your Life


It’s no secret that the early bird catches the worm. Many of the world’s most successful people start off their days early. They want to be ahead of the game and make the most of their day before most of us are even out of bed!

If you’re in the mood for an early-morning routine that will seriously change your life, here’s our 6-step guide for starting your day off on the right foot:

1. Jump Out Of Bed And Don’t Procrastinate

The number one rule is to stop snoozing your alarm and basking in your bed until you know you’re going to be late! The sleep you get while snoozing has been shown to make you more tired, not less.

So bite the bullet and get out of bed first go! Stop thinking about how much you deserve a couple of extra hours of sleep and focus on how much your body and mind will benefit from a 5 AM alarm.

2. Hydrate Your Body

Start off your morning in the best possible way: drink a glass or two of water. Your body and skin will be very thankful! If you’re feeling particularly daring and hot water isn’t too much of a hassle, try some hot water and lemon or detox teas to get your digestive system going.

3. Meditate

Meditation can help you start the day full of positive vibes. There are several different methods of meditating, so try and develop your personal style. Choose a spot and position that you find comfortable for yourself. You can perfect it as your early mornings accumulate!

4. Listen To Music

Music will give you the energy you need to take those early mornings by the horns. Put some positive, happy, and bouncy music on that will lift your mood – and crank up the volume! Dive into your favorite songs to find all the motivation and energy you need.

5. Exercise

Whether you’re more of a gym bunny or a yoga-at-home person, find some time in the morning to exercise. It will wake up your whole body and mind to prep you for the day ahead! An extra benefit is that it will also give a boost to your metabolism (diet tip here!).

6. Read & Write

Check out all the latest news in a few minutes to keep yourself updated with what’s going on around the world. Visit your favorite digital magazines and blogs (including us, of course!). Start keeping a journal – write down a couple of personal thoughts on or an inspiring quote to focus your mind for a few minutes.

Now you’re ready to kick-start your day! What are your favorite morning routine tips to hit the ground running?


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  1. I love playing some music and meditating sometimes when i wake up with some stress. But i still have a problem with waking up the moment the alarm rings. Nice post

  2. I loved this post it is very similar to mine on how to get a better nights sleep.

  3. Loved this. I never really listen to music early in the morning, but am going to give it a go now. In fact, I’m going to try all of these things – starting tomorrow!! :-)

  4. It’s my BIGGEST bad habit snoozing my alarm like 15 times!! Definitely will give these agvice a go! I lovelovelove your blog!!

    Mila xxx

  5. This looks like something I could try, thanks for the great post :) I’ve always had a problem to jump out of bed. So much easier to take my phone and start checking all those nightly messages and instagram pictures. Music though, that I can verify! When you finally get out of bed and get the music on, everything gets so much easier!

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