The 6 Step Sunday Evening Ritual That’ll Get You Ready For Work Tomorrow



Its Sunday evening again and there is nothing better to do than cozy up on the sofa and do absolutely nothing. But as we always say, preparing yourself mentally and physically on a Sunday. So these Sunday evening ritual ideas can give you the kick start that you need on Monday morning. You’ve probably tried all the Sunday evening rituals before, everyone loves a nightly routine – but this one is tried and tested by us and one we swear by after a busy, stressful week.


3 PM: Write down your weekly goals

Each week we have a chance to start fresh and achieve the goals we may not have reached the previous week. Around 3 pm when you’ve already done what you have to do (nothing) and feel rested and relaxed grab a planner and a pen and get started. The Getting Things Done planner is our best-seller for a reason, with to-dos and self-care rituals you can fill in as you go, you’ll be prepared and organized in every area of your life.

Make a list of the goals you want to achieve this week. Give yourself a deadline for each goal, this will motivate you more to succeed it. Tick them off as the days go on, and feel yourself feeling more productive and motivated each day.


3:30 PM: Prepare your evening meals

Preparing your evening meals for the week is not only time and money saving, but also a great way to control your food portion sizes. Each Sunday, do a grocery shop of all your favorite fresh ingredients to cook up the meals you will want each day. If you’re like us, you’re probably subscribed to a meal delivery service which already cuts out so much time in your evening. Just prepare what you’ll be eating ahead of time.

This will leave you with more time in the day to spend doing some productive rather than cooking. For an even more organized week, you could even prep your breakfast and lunch as well as your dinner. This may seem quite extreme, but I promise you will find yourself with much more time on your hands!


4:30 PM: Set out your outfits 

There is nothing worse than being in a manic rush in the morning. The stress of piecing together an outfit for work, 5 minutes before you need to leave is a complete nightmare. Plan an outfit for each day and hang it up in your wardrobe ready for the next morning. This will not only save you incredible amounts of time, it will also keep your morning’s stress-free. A stress-free morning is vital for a good start to the day! Trust me!


5:00 PM: Time for a tidy up

You know the saying, Tidy home, Tidy mind? Well, it’s true! It is in fact proven that a clean and organized space is beneficial for your mental health. Spend some time cleaning and organizing your home, especially the areas you spend the most time in. Not only will it be more relaxing, it will be much easier to find things!



5:30 PM: Run yourself a restorative bath

The best kind of bath is a restorative one. The absolute best addition to any bath is the Laura Mercier Fresh Fig Bath. It comes in a beautiful jar with a little spoon to stir into your bath and creates that luxurious ritual. As well as being productive on your Sunday evening, it is also important to spend some time pampering yourself. Run a bath, put on a face mask, paint your nails, do whatever you need to pamper and repair yourself from a busy weekend for the week ahead.


6:30 PM: De-stress your skin 

You might not know the effects that stress and urban living are having on your skin. It’s best to start preventative measures now. Give yourself a gankin massage with a Suqqu cream, and finish it off with some of Charlotte Tilbury’s incredible overnight moisturizer to wake up with plump, hydrated, and smooth skin.


7:00 PM: Have a light dinner

After your skincare ritual, have a light dinner of leafy greens and protein and then follow your usual evening routine, stop using technology around 9 PM, read before bed to send yourself into a deeper, more restful sleep and when you wake up you’ll feel fresh and ready to go.
What’s your go-to evening ritual at the moment? Let us know in the comments below how you get ready for Monday. 



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  1. Thanks for sharing your ideas! I have been trying to work out the perfect sunday routine for a while now, nut have never stuck to it… I think you just showed me the key! Starting early!

  2. Oh GAWD I could not survive without my to-do list done the night before… much. calmer. Thanks for the other tips – I might add “restorative bath” to my routine :)

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